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Top Strongest Demon Slayers in Kimetsu no Yaiba Ranked!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has drawn Tanjiro’s journey for us from a hardworking breadwinner to a strong and compassionate Demon Slayer. But Tanjiro has a long way to go before he becomes the strongest Demon Slayer of his time.  

Kimetsu no Yaiba pulls the rug under our feet by introducing the elite slayers/Hashiras of the Demon Slayer Corps officially. So it’s time we go through and talk about the strongest Demon Slayers!

Note: This list is based on the manga but there are no spoilers for anime fans.

10 Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu is the extraordinary companion of Tanjiro. He usually spends his time crying about not wanting to die and excuses to exempt him from any fight. Zenitsu is a coward who cares deeply for his friends, his master and most importantly, cute girls. They seem to be a highly motivating factor for Zenitsu to fight. Zenitsu struggles with low self-esteem but hopes to fulfil the expectations others have of him.

Demon Slayer | Sleeping Zenitsu Attack

He has an exceptional sense of hearing and is quite perceptive. He manages to use Total Concentration technique at the brink of his death to slow down the poison in his body.  He practices the Breath of Thunder – although the style consists of 6 forms, Zenitsu is only able to master one. Yet, Zenitsu masters this technique flawlessly and is able to rise to the occasion in his unconscious combat mode to defeat demons. The Breath of Thunder gives him the strength and agility of that of a demon. For Zenitsu to come within the top 10 with limited moves is quite outstanding.

9 Inosuke Hashibara

Inosuke is the headstrong socially inept travelling companion of Tanjiro. Inosuke usually seems immersed in thoughts of fighting and developing his strength – as seen by his constant provocation for a fight. He practices the Breath of the Beast – a derivation of the Breath of Wind.

Tanjiro and Inosuke - Demon Slayer
Tanjiro(left) and Inosuke (right)
Source: Fandom

Inosuke developed 10 techniques under this Breath Style that make use of his enhanced sense of touch along with different techniques. He has a heightened sense of touch and is able to feel the slightest vibrations in the air. His physical attributes such as strength and stamina are off the charts as it is able to keep up with his reckless actions and fights. This is evident by his inability to defeat the Spider Demon Father all by himself yet managing to stand his ground.

8 Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu is a Hashira who practices the Breath of the Insect. The Breath of the Insect is a derivation of her sister’s Breath of Flower. Her lack of physical strength pushed her to develop a technique to compensate for this. The technique consists of inflicting multiple shallow wounds on her opponent through superhuman speed with her poison-infested sword.

shinobu kocho insect hashira
Source: CBR

She has also shown exceptional expertise in the medical field and has developed wisteria-based poisons that’ll send demons running. She is also able to develop antidotes and countermeasures for venoms and poisons of demons as seen by her ability to save Zenitsu.

7 Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri is one of the Hashiras who practices the Breath of Love, a personalized breath style derived from Breath of Flames. Mitsuri is quite a feminine and compassionate person but her battle persona is quite the opposite. She shows no mercy to demons and can be quite frightening in battle.

mitsuri kanroji
Source: YouTube

Mitsuri possesses a unique constitution that gives her skin eight times the density of a normal human’s. She can withstand attacks quite easily and is able to move quickly. Due to her immense physical strength, she is able to deliver fast and powerful blows to her opponent and is quite flexible with her fighting style. Her attacks consisting of slashing and whiplike techniques focus more on her arm strength.

6 Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku is the Hashira who practices Breath of Flames. He is an enthusiastic and oddly amiable person who adheres to strict principles. He firmly believes that the strong should always protect the weak. Kyojuro possesses an insane level of hand and arm strength and is able to carry himself at blistering speed.

demon slayer demon train arc
Source: YouTube

He practices all the 9 forms of Breath of Flames and is able to deliver a devastating end to his opponents. Although Kyojuro was far from his peak ability, we may never be able to see his true potential due to his tragic fight against Akaza.

5 Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima is the Stone Pillar or the Hashira that practices the Breath of Stone. He is confirmed to be one of the strongest demon Slayers by Tanjiro himself. Gyomei comes off as a highly intimidating figure yet assumes a very polite and empathetic demeanour.  Gyomei possesses an inhuman level of strength – or strength that has reached its peak through the Total Concentration technique. Despite his heavy build, Gyomei is able to react quickly and exercise outstanding reflexes against his opponents.

gyomei himejima stone hashira
Source: Fandom

For a blind person, Gyomei has extremely heightened senses, especially those of hearing. He manages to effortlessly outshine the other Hashiras in battle without a sense of sight – an awe-inspiring factor.  He practices the Breath of Stone with his hand-axe with a spiked flail (made of Nichirin blades) forged with a superior skill that renders them unbreakable.

4 Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro Tokito is the slightly absent-minded and obtuse one from the Hashira lot. Muichiro’s tragic past shifted his personality from an emotive and kind person to an impassive one. Muichiro may have a small build but he possesses immense physical strength that is superior to Tanjiro’s by a huge margin.

muichiro tokito mist hashira
Source: YouTube

Muichiro practices the Breath of Mist derived from the Breath of Wind. He has completely mastered this technique which helps increase the speed and frequency of attacks of the user. Muichiro’s struggle and excellence at sword-fighting is perfectly evident in the manga. The mangaka has not shied away from showing us how Muichiro uses all 7 forms of the Breath of the Mist.

3 Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka is the first Hashira that Tanjiro comes across. He’s the first amongst many to believe in Tanjiro and Nezuko. Giyu is a practitioner of the Breath of Water. He is quite skilled in his swordsmanship techniques and is able to effortlessly defeat powerful demons – as seen by his ability to kill Rui and Spider Demon Father without batting an eye. He is highly perceptive and manages to gauge Tanjiro’s potential from just one interaction.

Giyu Tomioka vs Rui | Demon Slayer |Kimetsu no yaiba Episode 20
Giyu Tomioka vs Lower Demon Moon Rui

Giyu is shown to be highly innovative too. The Breath of Water consists of 10 forms yet Giyu is able to evolve the style further by creating the 11th form. Giyu’s fight against Upper Moon Three, Akaza, provides enough justification as to his position here. Giyu is undoubtedly the best Water user in the last few decades.

2 Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro has surely proven that he is quite a versatile and challenging opponent for someone with only two years of training. Tanjiro’s determination and optimism make him a strong mental presence in battle. At his rate, he is definitely succeeding as a Hashira in the future. The anime has proven Tanjiro’s intelligence, strength and resilience in battle. He has fought the henchmen of Muzan, defeated a former Kizuki 12, and put up a fascinating fight against a Lower Kizuki Five just in the anime itself.

Tanjiro has an enhanced sense of smell that allows him to be cautious in battle. He has high problem-solving skills where he plans his attacks and reads the attack pattern of his opponents. Tanjiro is able to use all ten forms of the Breath of Water which increases his agility and strength but also practices Dance of the Fire God which strengthens his endurance. Further in the manga, he gains the ability to See-Through and finds the line of opening. Tanjiro has definitely gained a high ground in the elite class of swordsmen. Tanjiro may not explicitly want to be the strongest demon slayer, yet he trains in order to defeat Muzan Kitbutsuji, the most powerful primordial demon.

1 Tanjuro Kamado

strongest demon slayer in kimetsu no yaiba
Source: Fandom

Known only to the manga fans as the man who peaked quite high – so high that the sight of his Hanafuda earrings made Muzan uneasy. Tanjuro was definitely one of the Hashiras back in his time. All we know about Tanjuro is through flashbacks but one aspect is certain – Tanjuro was able to drive the strongest demon to a corner fearing for his life. He is able to camouflage his strength and spirit and misdirect demons before it’s too late for them. Tanjuro would practice the Dance of the Fire God before passing it on to his son, Tanjiro. Not much is known about Tanjuro but the little information provided to us is enough to put him at the top of our list.

Current Status of Anime

Tanjiro has proven himself a formidable opponent, but with the Hashiras’ power in sight, Tanjiro has a lot to learn still. With the introduction of these powerful characters, it’ll be interesting to trace where they and our protagonists stand in terms of power and fighting techniques. We’ve created a list of the Strongest Demon Slayers in the anime for your perusal. Given that we haven’t seen most Hashiras in action, I’ve put this list together in terms of the anime characters introduced to us along with information regarding their potential as shown in the manga. The list is purely subjective and might differ from your opinion but here’s our attempt to size up the characters.

Demon Slayer Plot

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is an anime set in the Taisho Period where a dichotomy of demons and humans preexist within the population. The anime follows, Tanjiro Kamado, who stumbles into the most traumatizing event of his life – the murder of his family by a demon. His horror does not end there as he finds the sole survivor in his family – the oldest sister has turned into a demon. Tanjiro’s world shifts on his axis as he travels to turn his sister back into a human. Unknowingly, Tanjiro’s path into the world of demons and demon slayers is forged.

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