Strongest Characters In Yashahime, Ranked!

Yashahime has introduced many new characters, each more powerful than the rest; however, the ones from Inuyasha still hold the edge.

As a show about the next generation, Yashahime’s audience basically consists of fans who watch it for nostalgia, quite similar to what’s happening with Boruto at the moment.

While there have been complaints about the overuse and recycling of third class villains from Inuyasha, and no plot development, things are finally taking a turn.

The recent episodes of Yashahime shed light on Moroha, Setsuna, and Towa’s past and officially aired its very first significant villain – Kirinmaru.

With his appearance, the need for the princesses to grow stronger arises. Let’s take a look at the top 10 strongest characters in Yashahime to date, and where the original characters from Inuyasha rank.

10. Konton

While the Four Perils serving under Kirinmaru have been nothing but a disappointment, Konton has managed to hold his own.

While the two of the four Perils died miserably under the three princesses’ hands, Konton gave them a tough fight and even managed to escape in the end.

Strongest Characters in Yashahime, Ranked
Konton | Source: Fandom

Konton can use magic spells that provide him with various powers such as flame summoning and traveling huge distances.

He can also use his Shikigami magic to create beings that can fight in his stead, as well as track opponents. However, other than the use of magic and destructive arrays, Konton does not possess much attacking power.

His main advantage lay in his almost impenetrable armor created from the piece of Meioju’s shell. Unfortunately, now that this armor has been taken away from him, it is difficult to see how he will fare against the three princesses once again.

9. Moroha

Moroha is Inuyasha and Kagome’s daughter, making her a quarter-demon.

While this makes Moroha’s demonic power a bit weaker than half-demons like Setsuna and Towa and pure-blooded demons, her spiritual powers more than make up for it.

Strongest Characters in Yashahime, Ranked
Moroha | Source: Fandom

Moroha has inherited Inuyasha’s physical strength and enhanced stamina, as well as his demonic powers such as Sankon Tesso and Hijin Kesso. She also possesses his skill with a sword and is a highly skilled sword-user.

On her mother’s side, Moroha has inherited Kagome’s spiritual powers, allowing her to infuse her arrows with purifying energy. She is possibly the only demon to be capable of doing this.

After applying Izayoi’s rouge, Moroha assumes the persona of Beniyasha, which allows her to temporarily access the full power of her demonic heritage.

She can also access the powers of the Red Rainbow Jewel she stole from one of the Four Perils.

8. Setsuna

Setsuna is Sesshomaru and Rin’s daughter, thus making her a powerful half-demon. As a hanyo, while she is not as strong as a pure-blooded demon, she is exceptionally strong.

Like her sister, Setsuna also possesses a Gold Rainbow Jewel that enhances her power.

Setsuna was introduced to the harsh realities of the world and became an experienced demon killer at a very young age due to her rough childhood.

Strongest Characters in Yashahime, Ranked
Setsuna | Source: Fandom

As a result, her physical abilities and control over her demonic powers are very refined and probably the best among the three princesses.

She was able to single-handedly fend off the Rainbow Pearl-empowered Mistress Three-Eyes and was close to defeating her.

As Sesshomaru’s daughter, Setsuna has inherited tremendous demonic power, as well as his Dokkaso, that she can activate in her full-yokai form.

She has also gained his resistance to venom and a powerful physique. However, unlike him, she specializes in using a naginata as a weapon, allowing her to create massive cyclones of wind and inflicting critical damage.

Setsuna is also capable of changing into a full-fledged demon that drastically increases her strength.

However, due to her lack of control over it, Miroku sealed this form with his power. The day Setsuna gains control over it, she will be a force to reckon with.

7. Towa Higurashi

Towa Higurashi is Sesshomaru and Rin’s daughter, making her a half-demon. She has been the main focus of Yashahime, and her abilities have been primarily focused upon.

As Towa was sent to the modern world, she never used her demonic powers and only relied on physical strength.

Strongest Characters in Yashahime, Ranked
Towa Higurashi | Source: Fandom

Due to this, she was not as competent as her sister, Setsuna, and cousin, Moroha, after returning to the feudal world. However, after spending more time fighting demons, she started progressing and is now exceptionally strong.

As Sesshomaru’s daughter, she has inherited his incredible demonic power, miasma resistance, and Soryuha, granting her immense strength.

Furthermore, Towa can also absorb demonic energy and use them herself, giving her an edge even over powerful demons.

Throughout the series, Towa has shown to be more capable than Setsuna and Moroha at exhibiting powerful bursts of power when needed.

She was able to land a critical blow to Mistress Three-Eyes, whose strength had been amplified by two Rainbow Pearls, as well as evenly fight against her sister with little to no experience using her demonic powers.

With her Silver Rainbow Pearl, Towa’s abilities are further increased, granting her the 7th position on this list. She may surpass many on this list as the series progresses.

6. Kagome Higurashi

As the modern-day reincarnation of Kikyo, Kagome has a tremendous amount of latent power.

She is strong in her own right and could frequently be seen in battles teaming up with Inuyasha. After gaining control over her latent powers, she nearly wiped out Naraku early on.

Strongest Characters in Yashahime, Ranked
Kagome Higurashi | Source: Fandom

Kagome’s shooting and healing abilities, as well as raw spiritual power, make her one of the strongest priestesses in Yashahime. However, it is unknown whether she still retains that power after spending 15 years in Toga’s graveyard.

5. Riku

Riku is one of the most mysterious characters in Yashahime and reminds some people of the demon residing in the Shikon Jewel. While he first introduced himself as a pirate abandoned by his master, things are not so simple.

With just a flick of his earring, now identified as the blue jewel, he could do everything from manipulating water to creating gold.

During his meeting with Jyubei, the latter commented that Riku could easily kill the Four Perils if he desired. The only reason he refrained from doing so was that he did not want to get his hands dirty.

Strongest Characters in Yashahime, Ranked
Riku | Source: Fandom

There are currently theories that identify Riku as Kirinmaru’s half-demon son, which takes both his influence and power to a whole new level.

Like the Shikon Jewel Demon, many fans believe that Riku will turn out to be the actual villain hidden behind the scenes.

4. Zero

Zero was recently introduced in Yashahime, and her strength hasn’t been commented upon much. However, as the half-sister of Kirinmaru, her power shouldn’t be too shabby.

Zero has so far displayed the ability to construct paper dolls and use them as clones, which allowed her to confront Sesshomaru without the fear of death.

Strongest Characters in Yashahime, Ranked
Zero | Source: Fandom

From what we have seen so far, she is assumed to possess the powers of a spider, as well as something akin to a butterfly. No matter what, seeing the subservience other demons show to her, Zero can be considered quite powerful.

As the series progresses, we will see more of her powers, as well as the possibility of Zero turning out to be the main antagonist.

3. Inuyasha

Inuyasha is undoubtedly an extremely powerful character in Yashahime, despite his lack of appearances.

As the protagonist of Inuyasha and the father of Moroha in Yashahime, his strength will be of great importance as the series progresses.

Being a son of a powerful Dog Demon, Inuyasha naturally possessed an enormous amount of demonic power. His senses, such as hearing, sight, and smell, are all enhanced, and he has the ability to heal incredibly fast.

Strongest Characters in Yashahime, Ranked
Inuyasha | Source: Fandom

His power allows him to wield and unleash Bakuryuha, Kongosoha, and Meido Zangetsuha with his father’s Tessaiga.

By the end of his own story and series, he beats everyone and continues to grow stronger. Unfortunately, Inuyasha is currently trapped in Toga’s grave with Kagome, and his condition is unknown.

2. Sesshomaru

Sesshomaru remains one of the strongest characters in Yashahime and is likely similar in strength to Kirinmaru. As a pure-blooded demon, he is leaps and bounds more powerful than other demons, and few can oppose him.

In the original Inuyasha anime, he was one of the only demons in the series who did not covet the Shikon Jewel’s power.

Strongest Characters in Yashahime, Ranked
Sesshomaru | Source: Fandom

The only thing that continuously held Sesshomaru back from reaching his true potential was his obsession with his father’s power and the Tessaiga.

Once he let go of this obsession, he was able to regrow his arm and manifest a sword with his own power, the Bakusaiga.

With such power, many fans wondered how the protagonists would fare if Sesshomaru turned antagonistic.

In the latest episodes of Yashahime, the Tree of All Ages asked the three princesses to fight and defeat Kirinmaru as well as Sesshomaru, hinting at the possibility of the latter turning villainous.

If that actually happens, it is difficult to imagine the protagonists’ standing a chance of winning.

1. Kirinmaru

The beast king Kirinmaru is the strongest character in Yashahime. He rules over the East and is similar to the Great Dog Demon in strength. He worked alongside Toga to destroy the remnants of the Grim Comet in the past.

Kirinmaru is said to possess Immense Demonic Power that allowed him to rival Toga in his prime.

With his top subordinates, the Four Perils, and his elder sister, Zero, managing things for him, Kirinmaru had been asleep for ages. In the recent episode, Zero woke him up in order to kill Sesshomaru and Inuyasha’s children.

Strongest Characters in Yashahime, Ranked
Kirinmaru | Source: Fandom

Before the Shikon Jewel was destroyed, it prophesied that an existence that is neither human nor demon would be Kirinmaru’s downfall. It further stated that this being could surpass time and would ultimately kill him.

Due to this, Kirinmaru went after Inuyasha, confident of killing him, Kagome, and their daughter, Moroha.

The only reason he failed was that Sesshomaru trapped Inuyasha and Kagome in Toga’s graveyard, rather than risking their death, proving Kirinmaru’s tremendous strength.

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