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Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa

From Arthur Leywin, the protagonist of “The Beginning After The End” and former king of a magical realm, to the mighty dragons and ferocious beasts, there’s no shortage of strength on display in this captivating story.

Reading the manhwa is such a blast as the side characters aren’t treated as an afterthought to make the main character shine. 

The mana core cultivation ranking and adventure rank system in the series make it easy to keep up with the characters’ strengths and progress. Here’s a list of the top 15 strongest characters in “The Beginning After The End.”

All the side characters have their unique qualities and are fully fleshed out. So, if you’re ready to nerd out with me, keep reading!

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from The Beginning After The End (Manhwa).

15. Elderwood Guardian

Elderwood Guardian is an S-class mana beast that Arthur went up against during one of his dungeon raids. It can create illusions with mist and devour its enemies whole! 

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Elderwood | Source: Fandom

One of the coolest things about Elderwood Guardian is how it can shape its vines into all sorts of weapons, like a giant lance. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has crazy fast regenerative abilities, so it’s super hard to keep down.

14. Virion Eralith

Virion is the grandpa of Tessia and pops of Alduin. He used to be the king of Elenoir and led The Second War against the Sapin Kingdom humans.

The first time Arthur saw him, he described him as an old guy with sharp facial features and an intense gaze that could kill you on sight!

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Virion | Source: Fandom

Virion Eralith is a Beast Tamer, and when he transforms into his second phase, he looks like a black panther and gains superhuman strength, speed, and stealth. Plus, he’s a high-level Silver Core, which makes him one heck of a Wind Augmenter.

13. Alea Triscan

Alea Triscan was one of the Lances from Dicathen who represented the Kingdom of Elenoir. She had the ability to create a sword made of plants.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Alea Triscan | Source: Fandom

Alea was one of the first ones to have a run-in with a Vritra. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for her, and she got brutally dismembered and impaled by a black spike through her mana core.

12. Cynthia Goodsky

Cynthia’s personality is super fun; she’s respectful but also playful. She’s always teasing Arthur about all the girls around him, which is hilarious.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Cynthia Goodsky | Source: Fandom

Cynthia is a wind conjurer; she can create a wall of wind and massive twisters as tall as trees. She’s a deviant in sound magic, using which she can make loud noises that mess with her enemies or mute people’s voices.

11. Arthur Leywin

Arthur is an augmenter, meaning he can enhance his attacks with magic from within his body. As a Quadra Elemental, Arthur can use all four basic elements: Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Arthur | Source: Fandom

He has also mastered the deviant forms of Fire and Water, which are lightning and ice. And he can even use Gravity magic, but only when he’s in his Realmheart form.

Arthur’s a pro at swordsmanship too, which he learned in his previous life. It took him some time to regain its mastery in his new, younger body. He’s also got some pretty incredible skills as a Beast Tamer, thanks to the dragon will he received from Sylvia.

According to Arthur, Aya is one of the deadliest lances in Dicathan, and her pretentious seductiveness plays a big part in it. 

10. Aya Grephin

Aya Grephin uses wind magic to create shapes, weapons, and projectiles. She’s also got sound magic under her belt. But what sets Aya apart is her use of illusion magic and mist to torture her enemies.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Aya | Source: Fandom

Aya’s got this neat trick where she can conceal her presence using Wind and Sound magic. Even Arthur couldn’t detect her when she did this, which is why her code name is ‘Phantasm.’ 

9. Mica Earthborn

Mica has a small, thin body with pale skin, curly hair, and pointy ears that give away her dwarven origins. But don’t let her appearance fool you; she’s a Lance and a white-core mage who’s one of the few dwarves who can use gravity magic at an expert level.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Mica | Source: Fandom

Mica Earthborn wields a giant mace that’s thrice her size and can manipulate the weight of anyone in her vicinity. She’s got impressive senses and can detect people nearby without even needing mana.

8. Olfred Warend

Olfred is one of the oldest and strongest Lances in the series. He has exceptional abilities as a white-core mage and a Lance.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Olfred Warend | Source: Fandom

Olfred Warend is an earth dwarf conjurer, a master of earth magic. He always has some dirt on hand and can make stone golems in the form of knights. He is also a magma deviant; he can control magma to create magma golems and molten lava walls!

7. Bairon Wykes

Bairon is a lighting deviant, so he can freely control lighting and create different shapes, weapons, projectiles, and barriers. He also has the power to magnetize people or objects to various surfaces.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Barion | Source: Fandom

He once magnetized Arthur when he arrived at Xyrus Academy. He can also enhance his reflexes and perception by sending currents of lighting magic into his nerves with the Thunderclap Impulse spell.

6. Varay Aurae

Varay is seen as an ice queen as she always because she prioritizes her duty over her emotions. However, despite her cold demeanor, she deeply cares for her comrades and subordinates.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Varay Aurae | Source: Fandom

Varay is a white-core mage and can control ice magic as an ice deviant. She can even use it to create an ice dragon! She’s also got a technique where she encases her body in ice layers, which gives her a considerable power and speed boost.

5. Uto

Uto is a Vritra Blooded Alacryan who served as a retainer of the Vritra clan. His shadow magic makes him create black spikes out of thin air. He has metal studs all over his body that cast shadows so he can stay strong even in the sunlight. 

Uto | Source: Fandom

Uto easily overpowered Alea and her elite warriors. And to leave Alea bleeding out and tortured, he must be really ruthless and powerful.

He’s one of the first Vritra that Arthur met, and I’m excited to see the full extent of his abilities. 

4. Kordri

Kordri is from the Thysetes clan of the Pantheon Asura race. Even Arthur, who’s highly skilled in martial arts, can’t get near him!

Kodri is part of the Asuras, which are super powerful deities. He has insane reflexes and is an expert in physical combat. Kordri’s ability, called King’s Force, lets him release evil energy to mess with his opponent’s mind.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Kordri | Source: Fandom

He met Arthur through Windsom and trained him to become a stronger fighter.

3. Windsom

Windsom’s secret technique, Mirage Walk, lets him hide his mana presence and become invisible to anyone trying to sense him. He can manipulate pure mana into different shapes and summon a silver spear. He can even fly and transform into a black cat! 

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Windsom | Source: Fandom

Windsom was the one who rescued Arthur from the Lances and took him to Epheotus to start his training.

Aldir is an Asuran General sent by Lord Indrath to lead the “lesser beings” of Dicathen to victory against Alacrya and the Vritra Clan.

2. Aldir

Aldir is one of the few people who can use the World Eater Technique, which is so powerful that it was forbidden after the Great Eight formed. He can knock people out by overloading their senses with mana feedback by touching them.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Aldir | Source: Fandom

Aldir can use Mirage Walk, which makes him invisible to anyone trying to sense his mana presence. Plus, he’s got a unique Silverlight weapon that can transform into different weapons.

1. Kezess Indrath

Kezess is the strongest character in the series; he is the big boss of the Indrath Clan. He is a dragon and can control aether and use creation-type mana art.

Top 15 Strongest Characters in The Beginning After The End Manhwa
Kezess | Source: Fandom

Kezess Indrath’s power, Static Void, allows him to freeze time for everyone except for people who can use aether the same way. He can use Realmheart Physique, which makes his mana flow more efficiently, making his spells stronger and faster to cast.

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