Who is the strongest Avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The MCU has given us many superheroes to cheer for, love and make one of us. Over the years, they have no longer just remained larger than life characters, but we have known them as human beings with feelings.

They are a part of our psyche growing up. We saw them evolve and change and have known their greatest strengths and weaknesses. So when the time comes to rank them in terms of power or strength, it is indeed difficult.

Just FYI, these rankings are solely my personal opinion based on what we have seen in the movies. The Marvel Comics is different from the films in various aspects, so let us not mix the two up.

Another thing that is important to state is what I mean by “powerful”. The term is pretty subjective, don’t you think? I mean one can be powerful in many ways- physically, mentally, emotionally or intellectually.

So let’s put this on the table; these rankings are based mainly on physical strength and expertise on power and weapons, special abilities and importance. So if you’re favorite Avenger is not on the list or ranked low, please don’t mind.

No matter where they are, we know we love them 3000.

10. Ant-Man

How else should we kickstart this list without Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man. Speaking in terms of just physical power and strength, Ant-man does not quite match up to the others.

Who is the strongest avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Ant Man

He has the power to grow into Giant Man i.e. into a massive size and smash stuff up. He did this trick in Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man And the Wasp and even in Avengers: Endgame.

Scott Lang a.k.an Ant-Man also has superhuman strength because of his suit. But his pivotal importance is because of his role in Endgame. Avengers; Endgame would not have happened without him, would it?

Lang’s little adventure into the Quantum Realm is what managed to begin the team’s campaign to undo Thanos’s infamous snap. So credits where due.

Also, Paul Rudd is too hot to not be a tad bit biased.

9. Spider Man

Oh well. Let’s welcome out spider buddy to the game. Peter Parker is half man and half spider and there’s no denying that his spidery alter-ego is one of super power.

"You Have a Metal Arm?" Airport Battle Scene - Captain America: Civil War - Movie CLIP HD
 Spider-Man Vs. Winter Soldier

As a young super hero, Spider Man managed to disable Winter Soldier and Falcon. Mind you, that was his first appearance in the MCU in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

He even managed to bring down Giant Man (Ant Man’s giant form) and held up in front of Captain America. I think it is impressive for a young superhero to prove his strength against veterans such as Bucky and Sam in Civil War and not to forget Thanos in Infinity War.

He also defeated Mysterio. So all these wins only proves his strength and prowess. Besides, our boy grew a lot under Tony Stark.

8. Black Panther

Wakanda Forever!

Who is the strongest avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Black Panther

When we discuss strongest Avengers, it is mandatory to include the King of Wakanda. I would like to cheat a little here and talk about Black Panther’s sheer mental strength.

He may not be topping every physically strong list, but his immense mental strength is what makes him one of the most powerful avengers in the universe. It is not like mental strength has nothing to do with physical abilities.

If you can believe in yourself, I guess that does help. Besides, Black Panther has increased physical power and abilities, which in combination with his vibranium suit gives him a greater advantage over others.

7. Hulk

Stan lee’s classic creation, The Hulk has not only won over his enemies but also won hearts with all that green.

He is essentially like the monster in the novel Frankenstein, but more explored. I am referring to how he is the result of a failed experiment by Dr Banner on himself.

Who is the strongest avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The Hulk is a massive powerhouse of strength for the Avengers. But what makes him even more important is his alter ego of Professor Hulk, who also possesses an insanely high level of IQ, that of Bruce Banner.

So it’s a win from both sides. The Avengers have someone with the intellectual strength of Bruce Banner and also the destructive might of Hulk. He might have slipped once against Thanos, but that does not nullify the way he beat up people who fought him throughout the MCU films.

When Tony Stark tells Loki in Infinity War that they have Hulk on their side, he was not joking. That does mean a great deal.

6. Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Wondering why I specified Steve Rogers in the brackets? It’s because I mean Steve Rogers when he was Captain America. As we all know, he has passed on his batten to Sam now and has retired.

Who is the strongest avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Captain America

But though now retired, in his prime he did his bit. During the World War, an experiment conducted on him gave him superhuman strength. Even though he is not the perfect soldier, he is a good man. I am cheating again, yes. This was supposed to be about physical strength.

Coming back to physical strength, Rogers has superpowers, physical prowess and most importantly, his vibranium shield which is the closest to indestructible in the universe (at least until adamantium comes into picture).

He has beat almost every character from Spider Man to Falcon, be it in fistfights or footraces. Besides, he even managed to pick up Thor’s hammer. So, back to the point, are we?

5. Thor

The dude is a literal God. Does he even need any explanation?

Who is the strongest avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Thor is the God of thunder, so he is fast as a lightning bolt and superpowers beyond reckoning. His USP is his hammer, a weapon of immense strength and magical powers which only the God himself can use.

In a world full of superheroes with god complex, it takes a real God to keep them at bay. Almost nobody in the Marvel universe can come close to his supernatural powers.

Thor lost himself, but was also strong enough to find himself as we see in Infinity War. Besides almost everyone in his family is as strong as him.

4. Iron Man

If I really had to pick one favorite from the MCU, it would be Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man. The man is a genius, a billionaire, a philanthropist and literally just so much more.

Who is the strongest avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Iron Man

Stark created iron armors to protect himself from various threats, including Hulk. His strength lies in his suit, which is literally one of the most powerful things in the universe. It is basically some high tech power all wrapped up in one suit, which holds more power than a nuclear reactor.

And that is only his suit. We can’t forget all the other dozens that he can control or the giant suit that he built.

If you remember the climax of Captain America: Civil War, it is Iron Man fighting Cap and Winter Soldier even without a functioning suit. Mind you, be held them to their toes. He also earned the respect of the Mad Titan.

Avengers: Endgame (2019) - "And I.. Am... Iron Man" | Movie Clip HD
“And I.. Am… Iron Man”

But above all, the man sacrificed his life for the sake of the universe. It is safe to say Iron man yielded the Infinity Stones and actually saved the Earth. If that is not strength, I don’t know what is.

We love you, 3000!

3. Captain Marvel

The Kree warrior got her powers from the space infinity stone. She was an Air Force pilot before, which means she had an idea of air warfare and fighting in general.

Who is the strongest avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Captain Marvel

Carol Denver is a one woman army with cosmic powers, which makes her more powerful than others. The accident sparked by the Tesseract (space stone) gave her qualities such as speed, super-strength, durability, agility and fast healing powers.

Girl was a crucial part of Endgame and even destroyed the entire ship of Thanos until she was confronted by the power of one of the infinity stones. She can fly through space without any suit and use tremendous amounts of energy.

So physically speaking, Captain Marvel definitely makes it to top 3.

2. Dr. Strange

The penultimate member of the list is Dr Stephen Strange, who is hands down one of the most powerful avengers to ever exist.

He was trained by the Ancient One in Kamar Taj and later became the Rd. guardian of the New York Sanctum Sanctorum following the death of Daniel Drumm.

Who is the strongest avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Dr. Strange

Dr Strange is Master of the Mystic arts and Sorcerer Supreme. The egoistic surgeon fixed his ways by mastering sorcery in Kamar Taj and eventually went on the protecting earth from external threats.

In the fight against Thanos, the hero held his own quite well. It is safe to say that Dr Strange will be a crucial part of the upcoming multiverse.

1. Scarlet Witch

As of after Wanda Vision, Scarlet Witch is hands down the most powerful Avenger out there, surpassing even Sorcerer Supreme Dr Strange.

Who is the strongest avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Scarlet Witch

She was even able to destroy an infinity stone in Infinity War while she held Thanos back with another hand. Imagine the power. In Endgame, she was almost moments away from killing Thanos and the latter had to focus all of his ship’s weapons on Wanda alone.

In the comics, she is even more powerful. I am guessing we will get to see more of her powers in the upcoming multiverse. So here’s granting the Queen her deserving ranking, at the top!

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