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Strike the Witches Season 3 Reveals October 2020 Debut

Highschool girls fighting alien threats using weapons and magic has been a recurrent theme in animes. This theme focuses on a group of girls equipped with magical powers or a variety of weapons to fight whatever unearthly entity threatens humanity.

Strike the Witches as a franchise has inspired multiple novels, mangas, animes, and anime films. Its first anime aired in 2008, with the second season in 2010 and a couple of anime films after that.

Strike the Witches Season 3 Announced
Strike the Witches

Strike the Witches: Road to Berlin opened a new website and Twitter account on July 21, announcing an October 2020 release.

This announcement was also accompanied by a key visual featuring its characters.

/ Strike Witches ROAD to BERLIN Key visual release Sparkles \ Broadcast started in October of this year Strike Witches ROAD to BERLIN Publish key visual Public address loudspeaker again… finally… Unit 501 is reunited! ‼ ‼ ‼ (Impressed) Stay tuned for the October broadcast Dash symbol #w_witch #s_witch_rtb

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An introduction for the third season also came out on the new website and Twitter account.


“All over the world formed an alliance army to counter the enemy “Neuroy” of the human race that suddenly appeared.

However, only girls with special magical powers could compete against them …

Finally, the Alliance’s operation to recapture Berlin has begun, and the 501st Integrated Combat Wing “Strike Witches” will be formed again, and “Shizuka Hattori” as a new 501 member will join the battle with Neuroi!

Is it possible to open the Berlin sky ! ?”

Of “Strike Witches RtB”

Introduction is also available 💨✨


The sky in Berlin

Can it be released⁉



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The official Twitter account and website for Strike the Witches: Road to Berlin also revealed character designs and details premiering in the season.

On the official website Of each character of the 501 unit, more information is available Public address loudspeakerSparkles

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Fans can find more information about the characters on the official website.

Along with all the character designs and information, personal mark for Shizuka Hattori, who had recently joined the group, was also revealed to fans.

If you have read the introduction, you know.


“RtB” has become a 501 member

Shizuka Hattori is joining the group… 👏👏👏

Personal mark is also released for the first time. ✨

Also, pay attention to her success 👀

Please look forward to it! 💨



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The list of announcements made by the series also revealed that ‘Wings of courage’ by Yoko Ishida had been chosen as the opening theme and ‘A yearning for your wings’ by The 501st Integrated Combat Wing Group had been picked as the ending theme.

Fans of the series have been bombarded with information regarding the third season releasing in October and can’t wait for it to start broadcasting.

About Strike the Witches

Strike The witches started as a media mix project with a plan to disperse content over various media. The franchise has released several games, novels, mangas, animes, and movies.

Strike the Witches Season 3 Announced
Strike the Witches

The series revolves around the 501st Joint Fighter Wing that consists of girls with machines attached to their legs that allow them to perform aerial combat. 501st Joint Fighter Wing serves as the first line of defense against the Neuroi that invaded earth in 1939.

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