Paul Walter Hauser Hints at Stingray’s Return in Cobra Kai Season 5

Getting ready for the All-Valley Karate Tournament, Miyagi-Do, Eagle Fang, and Cobra Kai ramped up Los Angeles’ ongoing “Karate-turf war”.

A typical season of this show’s formula includes action-packed martial arts action, hilarious comedy, as well as dramatic content.

Taking on the role of Terry Silver, Thomas Ian Griffith returned to the Miyagi-verse as the villain from Karate Kid 3. Terry Silver would become a thorn in Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, and John Krease’s sides.

Silver bribing an All-Valley referee to ensure Cobra Kai’s victory, betraying Krease, and framing him for a crime he did not commit, were just some of the cliffhangers in Cobra Kai Season 4.

Silver viciously beat Hauser’s Stingray as he tried to rejoin Cobra Kai during Season 4 of Cobra Kai. Silver, however, convinced Stingray to take the wraps in exchange for his return.

These would be Stingray’s only two appearances, featuring a larger role in Season 2, where he was introduced. As an over-eager Cobra Kai student, Stingray differs from his peers in age and skill set.

The brawl at All Valley Community High School left him out of Season 3 but he eventually rose through the ranks of Cobra Kai.

Hauser did not return in Season 3 because he was filming Disney’s Cruella, in which he played Horace. Stingray’s reintroduction in Season 4 was a huge surprise and played a pivotal role in shaping the finale and setting up the highly anticipated fifth season.

Paul Walter Hauser Hints at Stingray’s Return in Cobra Kai Season 5

In a recent interview with, Hauser discussed his upcoming role in the Apple+ series Blackbird. The subject of Cobra Kai was discussed, specifically if Stingray might make a return in Season 5.

The actor gave a cryptic response, teasing Stingray’s return, saying, “I will just say…you know…that Stingray might be done with the past, but the past is not done with Stingray.”

The actor’s response is somewhat cryptic, but it implies that Stingray will return for Cobra Kai Season 5. As with Season 4, it is likely that the character’s appearances will be short.

The trailer suggests that Season 5 will feature multiple storylines, such as Johnny and Robbie Keane seeking out Miguel Diaz in Mexico, and Daniel working with villain-turned-ally Chozen Toguchi to foil Silver’s plot.

Hauser seems to be in higher demand these days, and in addition to Cobra Kai he has appeared in films such as Richard Jewell, Da 5 Bloods, Silk Road, and Cruella, so he may not be able to dedicate the time to an ongoing series such as Cobra Kai.

While Stingray only appeared in two episodes of Cobra Kai Season 4, he still made a huge impact. It is unclear what Stingray’s role will be in the upcoming season, but if he will appear at all. After playing a part in Krease’s wrongful arrest, viewers could see him struggle with his conscience.

Stingray Might Make a Return in Cobra Kai Season 5
Cobra Kai

Stingray and Krease may also become enemies if Krease learns that it was Stingray who helped frame him. It is also possible that Silver may view Stingray as a loose end and seek to permanently remove him, especially if he is showing signs of remorse.

Currently, Stingray’s return has not been confirmed. Fans may have to wait till Season 5 of Cobra Kai to find out.

Cobra Kai Season 5 will premiere on September 9, 2022, on Netflix.

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Cobra Kai is an action drama that is a reboot/sequel of The Karate Kid movies. It premiered on YouTube in 2018, and subsequently moved to Netflix. The series stars Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Xolo Maridueña, Tanner Buchanan, Courtney Henggeler and Mary Mouser.

When Johnny Lawrence opens the Cobra Kai dojo to teach his bullied teenage neighbor, Miguel, how to defend himself, his age-old rivalry with Daniel LaRusso is ignited once more. Will their rivalry continue to affect their present lives and those they love, or will they be able to bury the past?

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