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Majo Kaito LIP☆S, Kodansha’s Magic Manga Comes to an End

Would you give up your ordinary life and become a witch for your favorite idol? Stellar Witch LIPS’ protagonist Miku Hoshino did exactly that and became a witch overnight. 

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Hana Kagami and Kotoko Ichi’s magic-themed comedy manga shows us what happens when you love your idol so much that you are ready to do anything reckless.

This manga is for everyone who dreamed of having magical powers as a kid!

Hana Kagami and Kotoko Ichi’s Stellar Witch LIPS manga is approaching its climax, as announced in the Nakayoshi magazine’s May Issue. 

The manga is a comedy based on magic and supernatural elements. It began serialization in the Nakayoshi magazine in October 2019.

It is translated into English and published digitally on Kodansha Comics USA. It has compiled and released two volumes of the manga till now.

Stellar Witch LIPS is a classic manga with a teenage fangirl who can do anything just to see the idol she looks up to. But her life went haywire the moment she asked a witch for help.

In turn, Miku was turned into a witch and then had to deal with everything life threw at her.

Hana Kagami has a unique writing style and creativity in her stories. She knows what the reader wants and serves it to them on a well-organized platter.

In addition, Kotoko Ichi’s artstyle is just what fits the manga perfectly. Everything glittery and magical with beautifully drawn characters makes this manga even more fun to read.

All good things come to an end, just like Stellar Witch LIPS manga.

Though I hope that we get a sequel or a spin-off manga in the future *fingers crossed*.

About Stellar Witch LIPS

Majo Kaitou LIP☆S is a manga series by Hana Kagami and Kotoko Ichi. It was first serialized in the Nakayoshi magazine in October 2019.

Miku Hoshino is a die-hard fan of Rie, a member of the M.A.G idol group. However, missing a much-awaited concert of Rei makes her desperate.

She asks a witch for help, but little did she know that she would be turned into a witch as well!

Source: Nakayoshi May Issue

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