Bad Batch S2 E5 Ending: Treasure Hunt with Phee Genoa Goes Sideways

The Clone 99 Force has kept working on their missions under Cid, but this week they stumbled upon one of Phee Genoa’s stories and found themselves in fatal danger at Skara Nal. A filler episode or not, we got to see Omega act her age and delve deeper into the relationship between Genoa and the Bad Batch.

The episode began with Wrecker and Omega scavenging for spare parts in a junkyard when something in Omega’s pile caught Phee Genoa’s eye. Revealing a compass that leads to an ancient treasure, Genoa leads Clone Force 99 to the coordinates, and it feels like a repeat of the season 2 premiere where the Bad Batch tries to earn their freedom.

But episode 5 also ends without the treasure in the team’s hand, but they definitely earned a new level of annoyance for Phee Genoa. The episode ended with some nice laughs and a new angle at Genoa and Omega, but did the myths Genoa believed actually hold some weight to them?

Bad Batch S2 E5 Ending: Treasure Hunt with Phee Genoa Goes Sideways
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2

Genoa’s story about Skara Nal may have been a hoax, but the treasure was real, leading us to believe her myth about the old place might connect to other Star Wars canon, which has yet to be adapted on screens. Some floating theories are guessing it might be connected to the Old Republic or the Rakatan Empire or might even hint at something more massive coming up in the series.

This Indiana Jones meets Star Wars episode was an exciting filler giving more insight into who Genoa is. But the team is going back to Ord Mantell, meaning the next episode will move the story along. 

We don’t know about you, but we want an update on Commander Cody after he deserted his last mission with Crosshair and what Rampart has been up to after the premiere.

Bad Batch S2 E5 Ending: Treasure Hunt with Phee Genoa Goes Sideways
Clone Force 99 With Omega and Phee Genoa

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