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SSSS.Gridman Announced Another Season

Ultraman and Gridman The Hyper Agent (Denkou Chojin Gridman) have been recognized worldwide because of their iconic fight sequences against monstrously big kaijus.

Tsuburaya Productions, the production studio responsible for these live-action hits ventured on to re-imagine these stories in an animated format in collaboration with Studio Trigger and the result, Superhuman Samurai-Syber Squad.Gridman was a big hit with fans. Earlier it seemed that SSSS.Gridman was a standalone series, but according to recent news, that isn’t the case.

Tsuburaya Productions and Studio Trigger recently announced the next release of the Gridman Universe, SSSS.Dynazenon.

No details regarding the storyline, release date, or cast of the upcoming project have been released. The staff is as follows:

  • Akira Amemiya(Studio Trigger) – Director
  • Keiichi Hasegawa – Scriptwriter
  • Masaru Sakamoto – Character Designer
  • Shiro Sagisu – Series Composer

About SSSS.Gridman:

The story revolves around Yuta Hibiki, a first-year high school student originating from Tsutsujidai, who suffers from memory loss upon waking up one day. He meets “Hyper Agent Gridman” on his old computer, who informs Yuta of a mission he must see through to fruition. Hazed by the memory loss and hungry for answers, Yuta does what the computer asks, but little does he know that his daily life is about to be crushed by the appearance of a kaiju.

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