Reliable Report Sugggests the PlayStation 5 Pro Could Release in 2023 

The PlayStation 4 Pro came as a more powerful version of the original PS4 and offered several advantages, such as better graphics and smoother performance. Many people speculated that the PlayStation 5 would also get a Pro version, which may come true sooner than we previously thought. In fact, it could be released as soon as late 2023. 

This report comes from RedGamingTech, which analyses trends and are pretty reliable trackers of AMD tech, the same that powers the PS5’s CPU. In a lengthy study, RGT concluded that a PSS5 Pronis in development and is planned for either a late 2023 or early-to-mid 2024 release. 

Reliable Report Sugggests the PlayStation 5 Pro Could Release in 2023
PlayStation 5

This would line up with Sony’s three-year window between the launch of the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, but given the current supply chain issues affecting PS5 production, Sony may consider changes to their timelines.  

A PS5 Pro may not be at the top of the list for many console gamers, as a large chunk of the population has not even gotten their hands on the base version. But a console’s production plans are often made years ahead of time. Sony would have mapped out the capacity and components of a PS5 Pro, but the state of the global chip supplies would have been a monkey wrench in their blueprints. 

But, what would be the benefit of a PS5 Pro? RGT says that the beefed-up console could potentially deliver double the performance of the base PS5 in standard mode. This would mean twice the speed, while the ray tracing on the gap could be as big as 2.5x. 

Sony is looking to emphasize ray-tracing and advanced rendering techniques in the future. Patents filed by Sony engineers already point towards advanced reconstruction techniques and accelerated forms of ray-tracing. Adding a hardware boost would clearly help with the demanding form of graphics rendering.
PlayStation 5

The PS5 has only been around for two years, but development continues as Sony and AMD cooperate on new technology. VR is also a clear differentiator for PlayStation from the Xbox rival, and the PS5 Pro is said to be designed with the PSVR2 in mind, as the higher spec’d headset can benefit from more powerful hardware. 

Sony themselves have not mentioned any kind of Pro version of the PS5, so the report does not have official confirmation. But tech speculation like this could be proven right in the end. Previous beefy consoles like the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro X and PS4 Pro, have set a precedent for upgraded or mid-gen refreshes, so a PS5 Pro could be a possibility. 

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