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HIDIVE Temporarily Removes Certain Series for Library’s Maintenance

HIDIVE is going through a transition right now to become one of the top anime streaming services worldwide. However, you can’t be successful without a few hurdles and sacrifices.

The company has recently licensed many hot, trending shows that everyone has been anticipating for a long time. Due to that and many other organizational changes, HIDIVE now seems to be going through some turbulence which has affected the website.

HIDIVE has reported that certain series have been temporarily removed from the platform but are expected to return in early 2023. The company did not provide a list, but Amagi Brilliant Park and Di Gi Charat are two of the shows that have become unavailable.

HIDIVE Temporarily Removes Certain Series for Library's Maintenance
Amagi Brilliant Park (left) and Di Gi Charat (right) | Source: Fandom

As HIDIVE stated, this is happening due to a regular and ongoing curation of its library. The company wants us to consume good content and provide an extensive catalog, but a smooth working of this will take some time.

In January, AMC Networks acquired Sentai Holdings, LLC, which includes Sentai Filmworks and HIDIVE. After acquiring these streaming services, AMC wanted to improve them; hence, HIDIVE licensed many series this year.

Moreover, Christina Spade, ex-CEO of AMC Networks, stepped down from the position in November after less than three months. HIDIVE has also planned to lay off 20% of its employees due to recent subscriber loss.

Considering how the company wants to progress in the field of anime and become one of the best, such things will happen in the beginning. Making anything great, efficient, and user-friendly must go through some errors and inconveniences.

I really hope the company figures out the internal issues and the platform is back up and running like before. Besides, there’s some phenomenal anime coming out soon or currently streaming on HIDIVE, and trust me that you don’t want to miss out on them.

Source: Email correspondence

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