Solo Leveling: Trailer Out Now & Release Date Confirmed

Since the announcement that the Korean web novel and webtoon, Solo Leveling will get an anime adaptation, fans worldwide have been raring for a new update on the series. But it seems like we didn’t have to wait long, and now Crunchyroll has given us the trailer and release date for the awaited anime adaptation.

The anime series will premiere on the streaming platform next winter, and you can view the short trailer featuring our hero Sung Jin-Woo below:

Anime “I’m the only one who’s leveled up” teaser PV

The new anime series is brought to you by A-1 Picture studio; the following credits appear in the information updated by Crunchyroll: director Shunsuke Nakashige, head writer Noboru Kimura, character designer Tomoko Sudo, and music by Hiroyuki Sawano.

For the sake of the adaptation, the studio has renamed Jin-Woo as Mizushino Shun, a lowly hunter that goes through a traumatic experience and levels up into the MC. The trailer offers a glimpse of the events leading up to his transformation and then shows him on a bloody altar, after which we see his powerful metamorphosis.

Solo Leveling First Trailer Out Now & Release Date Confirmed
Mizoshino Shun Before Levelling Up

For those of you who don’t know the what-when-who, let me do the honor of introducing you to the world of Solo Leveling, a.k.a. Only I Level Up.

Author Chu Gong first published the web novel on Kakao in 2016, which was later serialized into a webtoon with writer Chu Gong and illustrator Dubu in 2018. The fantasy-action manga scored an anime adaptation, and an RPG is currently in development at Netmarble. 

The story takes place in a world with a handful of humans with supernatural abilities who hunt monsters and follows Sung Jin-Woo, the weakest of them all. After a disastrous dungeon raid, where Jin-Woo is the sole survivor, the system appoints him as the solo player, grants him unique abilities, and transforms him into the strongest hunter in the world.

Solo Leveling First Trailer Out Now & Release Date Confirmed
System Grants Shun Powers

His ability? To limitlessly increase his power and to raise his defeated as Shadows, loyal minions who will follow his bidding. The fantastic story and G.O.A.T. character, coupled with the late Dubu’s excellent artwork, soon became popular and started the recent trend of cold and emotionless MCs. 

Winter 2023 already has an incredible slate of anime series coming to us this year, like Kyukou Suiri season 2, Bungou Stray Dogs season 4, Nier: Automata Ver1.1A, Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown, and Vinland saga season 2. With Solo Leveling joining the list, it seems like an excellent way to end this year!

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