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Solo Leveling Chapter 180: Release Date, Read Online, Discussion

Chapter 179 of Solo Leveling starts with Jin Woo coming back to Earth in his middle-schooler form. A messenger of the rulers welcomes him with a bouquet and Jin Woo isn’t mad about it.

The rulers make him an offer about shifting him to another world completely since he’s gotten too powerful to deal with.

The boy sees his future wife through the window of the ice cream shop. Will he go say hi? Here are the latest updates

1. Chapter 180 Discussions and Predictions 

Fans feel that the ending of the manhwa was a bit rushed. The makers had a lot more to do here but chose to end it haphazardly.

Solo Leveling Chapter 180: Release Date, Read Online, Discussion
Jin Woo | Source: Fandom

If it is recontinued we can see Jin Woo grow up all over again. He would get to know her from the start. He will be fighting against the rulers this time because he’s like a nuclear weapon and they want to get rid of him.

We can also see the prophecy of Selnor unfold, she saw the God of Death arriving and ending all of humanity. Could it have meant Jin Woo, or someone else?

2. Chapter 180 Release Date                      

The Solo Leveling webtoon has ended this week, and we don’t know if or when it’ll be renewed.

I. Is Solo Leveling on a Break This Week?                           

The Solo Leveling webtoon has ended. It will be on a break till it is renewed.

3. Chapter 180 Raw scans, Leaks

Usually, the raw scans are out two to three days before the official release. So please be sure to check back.

4. Chapter 179 Recap      

In this new world, only two years have passed while Jin Woo has spent decades killing monsters in the dimension crack. Selnor the fortune teller lady has become famous after predicting the doom of the earth.

She has predicted many things that came true, like the Korean dictator dying and the recession. She told the American people that the God of death will be coming and everything will end.

Solo Leveling Chapter 180: Release Date, Read Online, Discussion
Solo Leveling | Source: Fandom

A hole opens up in the sky over Korea, and a teenage Jin Woo slips away from inside the crowd. A messenger of the rulers greets him with a flower bouquet.

Jin Woo asks what business he has with him, and the man asks if they can talk somewhere. Jin Woo decides an ice cream parlor would be appropriate. Well, he does look like a child.

After beating around the bush, he gets to the point. The messenger tells him that since he is so powerful, the rulers what to shift him to another world. Jin Woo gets the message loud and clear.

Solo Leveling Chapter 180: Release Date, Read Online, Discussion
Jin Woo | Source: Fandom

The rulers want to get rid of him now that he’s fulfilled his purpose and become too powerful to control. Jin Woo shuts that conversation down as soon as it had started. The messenger pays his respects and runs away.

Jin Woo sees his future wife through the window and we catch a glimpse all the characters who Jin Woo knew, leading ordinary lives. Lives they would have had, if they had not been hunters. That is where the chapter ends.

5. Where to Read  Solo Leveling Webtoon?

6. About Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is a Korean Webtoon written by Chu Gong and illustrated by Jang Sung Rak. It is adapted from the webnovel; I Alone Level Up. Kakaopage publishes it in South Korea and Piccoma in Japan.

Portals connecting the Earth to realms of monsters have opened up, and hunters defeat those monsters. Sung Jin Woo belongs to the lowest level of hunters, but after getting involved in a Dungeon quest, he alone can see quests like that of a game.

His journey to become the most powerful hunter and bring peace back to Earth begins.

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