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Solo Leveling Chapter 177: Release Date, Read Online, Discussion

Chapter 176 of the Solo Levelling starts with Jin Woo and Antares battling it out. Jin Woo uses the powers of Ashborne but soon realizes the power drain is too big to handle, and he reverts to his original form.

Antares thinks he has the upper hand and asks him to reconsider or regret his decision. The answer to both of those suggestions was no.

Jin Woo later has his shadows hold Antares down, making him angry enough to threaten Jin Woo with turning him into “drake food.” That means food for ducks, and not the rapper, which we figured out the difficult way. Will Jin Woo become “drake food”? Here are the latest updates.

1. Chapter 177 Raw scans, Leaks

Raw scans of chapter 177 of Solo Leveling are out:

In chapter 177, Jin Woo finally defeats Antares. Antares wobders how the rulers’ army reached. Jin Woo reveals that he could reach the rulers through their vessels.

A ruler enters and stabs Antares, but he promises that he’ll be back again. In return for his service, Jin Woo wants to use the Cup of Reincarnation. He wants to bring back all of those who he lost in the war. The ruler informs him of the underlying risk but Jin Woo has made up his mind.

2. Chapter 177 Discussions and Predictions 

Antares’ gloating and boasting got annoying really quickly. We’re glad Jin Woo found a way to put a stop to it by slicing him in half. Is it a permanent solution, though?

Solo Leveling Chapter 177: Release Date, Read Online, Discussion
Antares | Source: Fandom

What if Antares can put himself back together like some creepy alien? The dude  is a literal God, and it doesn’t feel like this would be enough to kill him.

3. Chapter 177 Release Date                        

177 of the Solo Leveling manhwa webtoon’s season has been available to stream for free since Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021.

I. Is Solo Leveling on a Break This Week?                           

Chapter 177 of the Solo Leveling webtoon is not on a break this week.

4. Chapter 176 Recap      

The scene opens with a fight where the Dragon King and Jin Woo, in his God of Death form, exchange one blow after another.

In time, Jin Woo finds that the power drainage from fighting in his supernatural form is getting out of control. So, Jin Woo reverts to his original form, and Antares makes him the offer of joining him, yet again.

Solo Leveling Chapter 177: Release Date, Read Online, Discussion
Jin Woo | Source: Fandom

Jin Woo tells him he won’t cooperate with a monster like him. Antares mentions how even if Jin Woo has the strength of a God, he is human himself. Therefore, he can die like a human too.

Antares asks him to listen to the cries of despair from his people and to regret his decision. Jin Woo tells him that it should be his line.

Jin Woo tries to stab Antares with a dagger made out of a dragon’s tooth, but it does not work. When Antares says the fight is nearing its end, Jin Woo agrees and says he can see the end.

Jin Woo’s shadows appear out of thin air and hold Antares down.  Jin Woo takes out a dagger and slices him in half.

5. Where to Read  Solo Leveling Webtoon

6. About Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is a Korean Webtoon written by Chu Gong and illustrated by Jang Sung Rak. It is adapted from the webnovel; I Alone Level Up. Kakaopage publishes it in South Korea and Piccoma in Japan.

Portals connecting the Earth to realms of monsters have opened up, and hunters defeat those monsters. Sung Jin Woo belongs to the lowest level of hunters, but after getting involved in a Dungeon quest, he alone can see quests like that of a game.

His journey to become the most powerful hunter and bring peace back to Earth begins.

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