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‘Skip and Loafer’ Anime Ready to Unleash Wholesome Fluff with New Teaser

If you are looking for a high school anime with pure fluff and no drama, then look no more because Skip and Loafer is the definition of wholesomeness. The series introduces Mitsumi, a country girl who shifts to Tokyo to pursue higher education.

In Tokyo, Mitsumi meets Sosuke, a happy-go-lucky guy who doesn’t take things as seriously as Mitsumi. Yet, both become fast friends and make an ‘ikemen-country bumpkin’ combo. This duo is about to make their anime debut soon.

Skip and Loafer, the simple but cute manga by Misaki Takamztsu, is inspiring an anime series. I can’t tell you how excited I am about it (eeee!).

TV animation “Skip and Loafer” special news video

The trailer is another testament to the anime’s simplicity. It shows Mitsumi’s first day at high school in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, while indulging in her fantasies of the future, she had forgotten that she was new to the city and knew nothing about it. To no one’s surprise, she gets lost.

Thankfully, she is found by Sosuke, who guides her to school. On their way, Sosuke is fascinated by Mitsumi and decides to be friends with her.

The cast members of Mitsumi and Sosuke have been revealed:

CharacterCastOther Works
Mitsumi IwakuraTomoyo KurosawaOtome Arisugawa (Aikatsu!)
Sоsuke ShimaAkinori EgoshiDexter (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2)
Skip and Loafer’ Anime Ready to Unleash Wholesome Fluff with New Teaser
Mitsumi Iwakura | Source: Official Website
'Skip and Loafer’ Anime Ready to Unleash Wholesome Fluff with New Teaser
Sosuke Visual | Source: Official Website

Studio P.A. Works is handling the animation production of Skip and Loafer and the main staff members are also out:

PositionStaffOther Works
Director and Series CompositionKotomi DeaiNatsume’s Book of Friends
Character DesignManami Umeshita(Stella Women’s Academy
Music ComposerTakatsugu WakabayashiDragonar Academy

Mitsumi is an oddball at best and spends her time striving towards her goal to better the world. She has her whole life planned, unlike some of us (me).

Skip and Loafer is a lighthearted series that will show you the delights of high school life. If you are tired of high-strung dramas and adrenaline-filled action anime, this series is the place to rest and recharge.

About Skip and Loafer

Skip and Loafer is a manga by Misaki Takamatsu that was launched in the Monthly Afternoon magazine in August 2018. It will also receive an anime series

The manga focuses on Mitsumi who is from a backward area in Japan and moves to Tokyo for attending high school. Sosuke is an ikemen and he meets Mitsumi on her first day at the new school.

Sosuke becomes quite fond of her and they become friends. It is a cute high school-based series with light-hearted comedy.

Source: Official Website

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