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‘SK8 The Infinity’ is Greenlit for Season 2 and an Exciting OVA

‘SK8 The Infinity,’ the sports anime that sparked the imagination of countless BL lovers, is going to be back with more of Langa and Reki.

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The duo served plenty of unbelievable antics in season 1 of the anime and are armed with more stunts for season 2.

Langa defeated Adam in season 1 and has realized what he finds ‘fun’ because of Reki. Their friendship has deepened over the course of the 12 episodes, and I’m waiting to see what other tournaments they will participate in next.

Season 2 and an Exciting New OVA Greenlit for ‘SK8 The Infinity’
SK8 The Infinity | Source: Fandom

‘SK8 The Infinity’ will receive a second season and a new OVA. After season 1 of the anime ended last year, it was announced that it would receive a new project, but no clear direction was given.

Studio Bones has confirmed that it will animate the next season and OVA. All the staff and cast members will reprise their roles.

A new teaser has been revealed, which shows some recap scenes from season 1:

「SK∞ エスケーエイト」新アニメプロジェクト特報映像|新作OVA&TVシリーズ第2期制作決定!
“SK∞ SK8” new animation project promotion video | New OVA & TV series 2nd production decision!

The video did not unveil any new plot information for the upcoming animation projects. Since SK8 is an original anime, it will be quite hard to predict the upcoming plot.

One thing is for sure, Reki and Langa’s friendship will be long-lasting, and they will face more skateboarding competitions soon. They might have conquered ‘S’, but who knows what opponent they will face next?

While season 2 will definitely introduce some characters and serious challenges, I am more interested n the OVA as they are typically known to bring some comic relief. Seeing as how SK8 is such a jolly series, I hope the OVA shows more of Reki and Langa’s peculiar shenanigans.

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About SK8 the Infinity

The brand new “SK8 the Infinity” original anime by Studio Bones debuting in Winter 2021.

The anime focuses on a second-year high schooler, Reki, who loves skateboarding. He gets mixed up in “S,” a dangerous no-rules underground skateboard race at an abandoned mine.

Ranga, another character in the series, returns to Japan from Canada and has never skateboarded before. He also gets wrapped up in S with Reki.

The plot follows dirty racers, AI racers, and other intriguing individuals to compete in the “youth skateboard race battle.”

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