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Studio 8-Bit to Animate Bukimi Miki’s ‘SHY’ Manga

Being confident and social are the characteristic traits of a superhero, but SHY manga’s protagonist is the complete opposite.

Set in a world where superhumans are real, the manga features a main character, Teru Momijiyama who is shy and an introvert. Despite being a superhero, Teru is super awkward and timid to the point where her hero name is ‘SHY.’

Fans of the manga have been demanding an anime adaptation for a long time now and they’ve finally gotten lucky.

Bukimi Miki’s SHY manga is slated for a TV anime by Studio 8-Bit, and here’s a teaser to keep you guys calm.

TV anime “SHY” teaser PV

The promo video is a series of manga panels with Teru/SHY’s monologue in the background. She explains the concept of superheroes in her world and then begins a sequence of her being clumsy and awkward.

Although she’s timid and looks weak, SHY never fails to complete her missions and save people. As seen in the video, the superhero always puts others first and protects civilians with everything she’s got.

It ends with an animated sequence of Teru transforming into SHY and activating her flame powers.

Studio 8-Bit to Animate Bukimi Miki's 'SHY' Manga
SHY | Source: Fandom

The staff has also revealed a key visual featuring SHY and her civilian form Teru. SHY is showing off her flame powers in the poster with a stern expression.

Voice actress Shino Shimoji has been cast to play the bashful hero SHY and her civilian form Teru. Shimoji has previously played the role of Akari Ōzora in ‘Aikatsu!’ and Luca in ‘The Case Study of Vanitas.’

Moreover, Masaomi Andō will be directing the anime. Masaomi has also worked on fan favorites like ‘School-Live!’ and ‘Astra Lost in Space.’

A shy and awkward superhero is definitely something new that I’d love to see on the screen.

I just hope they don’t mess it up halfway and give us a well-thought-out character development for SHY and Teru.

About SHY

SHY is a superhero manga series written and illustrated by Bukimi Miki. The series has been serialized in Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine since August 2019.

The story is set in a world where superheroes are real and possess ‘Heart Power’ which gets stronger depending on the hero’s resolve. Teru Momijiyama is an awkward and introverted superhero called SHY and has flame powers. A group of superheroes from each country is created in order to fight against the villainous organization Amalareiks. Being a part of the group, Teru has to get rid of her shyness to protect the world.

Source: SHY Anime’s Official Twitter

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