Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9: Release Date, Recap, and Speculation

Sometimes, you have to step up and say, “No more excuses, enough is enough.” And that’s what Jimmy advises Grace to do, taking his own advice after a little push from Paul. Jimmy and Alice’s relationship might be at its lowest point, but at least Jimmy is finally reinstating himself in her life as a father figure rather than drowning himself in coke and booze.

While Liz and Sean are still having a good time exploring new opportunities, things aren’t going so great for Paul and Gaby. Paul has yet to make up with Meg, and Gaby has a proper meltdown seeing her ex doing much better after the split. What can we expect from the next episode of Shrinking?

1. Episode 9 Synopsis/Speculation

Jimmy encourages an ambivalent Paul to accept a career achievement award. Sean approaches Liz with a business proposal.

Paul’s indecision about his career achievement award is definitely a result of his recent fight with Meg and the choice it presents him with. He is still unsure if he should uproot his practice in favor of moving with her daughter or keep his career till, he can’t.

Jimmy and Alice’s rough fight may have opened a new wound in the father-daughter relationship, but I think it was essential for Jimmy to regain his authority figure since it seems to be the rational way to control Alice’s spiral. 

Alice needs a reminder that even though her mother is not here, her father is, and he is finally present in her life, and she’ll appreciate it even though she hates beings grounded.

Liz and Sean will probably discuss Sean’s new dream of opening his own catering service. Maybe Liz will invest in it, adhering to her promise about pursuing other hobbies outside their home now that he’s retiring.

The next episode is titled moving forward, so we can expect some big changes coming – Paul’s decision, Alice accepting Jimmy’s changed attitude, Liz and Sean opening a new catering service together, Gaby processing her divorce, and hopefully, Brian restoring Jimmy as his officiant.

2. Episode 9 Release Date

Chapter 9 of the Shrinking Season series, titled “Moving Forward”, has been released on Friday, Mar 17, 2023 at 9:00 pm PDT.

3. Season 1 Schedule

Shrinking Season 1 Episode No.Shrinking Season 1 Episode TitleDirectionTeleplayRelease Date
1Coin FlipJames PonsoldtBill Lawrence, Jason Segel & Brett GoldsteinJanuary 27 2023
2Fortress of SolitudeRy Russo-YoungBrett GoldsteinJanuary 27 2023
3Fifteen MinutesRy Russo-YoungBrian GullivanFebruary 3 2023
4PotatoesJames PonsoldtRachna FruchbomFebruary 10 2023
5WoofJames PonsoldtBill PosleyFebruary 17 2023
6Impostor SyndromeRandall Keenan WistonAnnie MebaneFebruary 24 2023
7Apology TourRandall Keenan WistonBrett GoldsteinMarch 3 2023
8BoopZach BraffWally BaramMarch 10 2023
9Moving ForwardTBATBAMarch 17 2023

4. Where to Watch Shrinking

Shrinking is available for streaming exclusively on Apple TV+.

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5. Episode 8 Recap

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9: Release Date, Recap, and Speculation
Jimmy and Gaby Come Clean to Alice

Grace finally visits Jimmy after dodging him since he discovered her secret -that she went back to her husband despite telling Jimmy she’ll leave him. She tells him about a critical moment where the thought of retaliation strikes her, and Jimmy asks her to go for it.

Gaby and Jimmy sit down with Alice to reassure her that their one-night stand was just a mistake, but it backfires with Alice storming out on them. She visits Paul for advice, but he takes Jimmy’s side, and Alice decides to rebel and takes the car to Summer’s party without a license.

Brian and Charlie don’t want Jimmy officiating their wedding, and while they can’t tell him that at once, they eventually do so, which upsets Jimmy, but by then, he has to focus on finding Alice. Brian and Jimmy reach out to Paul, who tells them about the party, and the three go to look for her.

Scaring away a guy she was trying to hook up with, Jimmy drives her home, takes his own advice after a little push from Paul, and grounds Alice. Though she declares she hates him and pulls the mom-wouldn’t-have-done-this card, Jimmy remains adamant, as the strict father figure Alice needs.

Meanwhile, Gaby sneaks into Nico’s party with Liz and Sean accompanying her for moral support. She insists she came to check up on him but soon has a meltdown when she sees him flourishing after their split. Her breaking point – yelling out about his weird sexual preferences when he denies that she wasn’t his muse on the couch.

6. About Shrinking

Shrinking is a comedy television series created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel for Apple TV+.

The plot revolves around a therapist dealing with severe grief who begins to breach ethical barriers by telling his patients what he completely thinks, resulting in massive changes to his and their lives.

The series stars Jason Segel, Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, and Christa Miller, among others. The series has been renewed for season 2.

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