Should you be watching Trinkets on Netflix?

Netflix once again dives into the safe zone with a young-adult series that fails to give you any long-term satisfaction but is a go for an on-the-go binge. Netflix’s Trinkets is the story of an unlikely friendship that blossoms in an unexpected place: Shoplifters Anonymous. Trinkets are the story of three high-school kleptomaniacs. Young women who, for various reasons, find that treating themselves to a ‘lifted item’ from time to time is something they enjoy doing. And while they’re good enough at it to get away with some audacious thievery, they’re not so good that they’ve never been caught — hence the Shoplifters Anonymous.

There’s something comfortable about the relatively small range of emotion in Trinkets, something nice about how it rolls along smoothly from one thing to the next without worrying too much about keeping every plate spinning at the same time.

The series’ premise sets itself quickly, leaving no space for proper character bonding or development but helps Trinkets rise above the usual streaming content concerns of making the storyline heavy. Maybe, this is the reason that Trinkets works well even with people who are used to hour-long episodes. It’s like a short break from all the heavy programming without being mindless.

As unlikely friendships go, Trinkets’ overcomes questions of improbability with a terrific cast, a compelling premise, and storytelling that balances drama and comedy exceptionally well. This is a well made quick series, worth a one-time binge for its progressive and fast-paced storytelling about something as weird and unusual like kleptomania. 

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