King Charles Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla

Eivor’s journey to Paris in the new AC Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC hands quite a tough choice for players in the end. This so-called decisive choice revolves around the oppressive King Charles, adamant about driving the Norse men out of his land. To stop his evildoings, King Charles is captured during The Madness of King Charles’s mission. So, the fate of a peaceful Francia lies on Eivor’s decision of either killing or sparing the life of King Charles the Fat.

While killing King Charles could be a good choice, there’s certainly more to his story than what meets the eye. If you’re also one of the people stuck thinking about what to do about this particular choice? Let me help you make the best decision!

The Madness of King Charles Mission in AC Valhalla

King Charles Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
The Madness of King Charles

In “The Madness of King Charles Mission” in AC Valhalla, players will have to confront the tyrant King Charles for his evil doings. Players will have to find him in the Villa of Amiens and fight him to death or spare his life.

Before you can even stop the deadly King, you need to find two keys to get to his chambers. One of the keys can be found inside a room on the first floor, while the second key will be inside a hidden compartment where the wooden wall is breakable.

Just a tip- If you cannot find the keys, make use of your Odin’s Sight to get their exact locations.

All King Charles Choices

King Charles Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
King Charles Choices

While confronting and fighting King Charles the Fat, players will have a total of two options to choose from. They are either to spare his life or to kill him and end his tyrant rule over Francia.

1. Choosing to Kill Charles

  • If you choose to kill King Charles, Queen Richardis, who had requested Eivor to spare Charles life, will accuse Eivor of murder and betraying her trust. Bernard, who is likely to succeed after Charles, is still in hiding, so the throne goes to Count Odo. 
  • Toka is happy with the results and joins Eivor to have a peace treaty between the Raven clan and the Elgring clan.

2. How to Kill King Charles?

King Charles Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
Killing King Charles

To kill King Charles, players have to deplete his stamina and push his body towards a lit brazier to light him on fire. You have to repeat this process a couple of times before you can successfully kill him.

Although Charles is dead and Count Odo has succeeded the throne, it is still unclear if Odo plans to let Norse men stay in Francia or not. He might not be the best candidate for the throne, but with no one claiming it, he will be delighted with Charles’ death and celebrate his succession immediately.

3. Choosing to Spare Charles

  • If you spare King Charles just as Queen Richardis had requested, she will thank Eivor for the mercy and take Charles away to tend to his mental well-being.
  • Count Odo is angry with Eivor’s choice but takes over the throne anyways.
  • Toka is happy and has pledged her alliance with the Raven clan to make both England and Ravensthorpe free from threats.

4. How to Spare King Charles?

King Charles Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
Locking King Charles Inside the Room

To spare King Charles, you need to find a lever opening a small room. Charles will get angry and follow you there. Then you can deplete his stamina and stun him to run outside and push the lever immediately.

King Charles will then be trapped inside the room, and Queen Richardis will soon rescue her husband.

By choosing this option, you will notice Queen Richardis will reprimand King Charles and inform Eivor about his mental instability. Meaning his mental state is not right, and all those rash decisions he had made might result from his poor mental health.

Now that you know the choices and their consequences, time to make the decision. But, if you still need someone’s opinion, here’s my take on the choices.

Should I Kill or Spare King Charles in AC Valhalla?

King Charles Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla
Sparing King Charles

Players are free to choose between sparing or killing King Charles as any choice would yield similar results at the end of the DLCBut if you ask me, I suggest you go for sparing King Charles and let Queen Richardis take care of the crazy King.

You also cannot forget that although Count Odo takes over the throne, his actions cannot be trusted, and him being angry at Eivor for not killing Charles keeps Odo on Eivor’s radar. If you spare Charles, it will also trigger Toka to learn a bit about being peaceful and merciful.

If you’re still not satisfied with the decision, you can change your mind and use the “load previous save” button to return to the choice. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the new AC Valhalla DLC to the fullest.

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