King Charles Choice: Spare or Kill Him? – Siege of Paris – AC Valhalla

Eivor’s journey to Paris in the new AC Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC hands quite a tough choice for players in the end. This so-called decisive choice revolves around the oppressive King Charles, adamant about driving the Norse men out of his land. To stop his evildoings, King Charles is captured during The Madness of King Charles’s mission. So, the fate of a peaceful Francia lies in Eivor’s decision of either killing or sparing the life of King Charles the Fat.

Players are free to choose between sparing or killing King Charles, as any choice would yield similar results at the end of the DLCBut if you ask me, I suggest you spare King Charles and let Queen Richardis take care of the crazy King.

You also cannot forget that although Count Odo takes over the throne, his actions cannot be trusted, and him being angry at Eivor for not killing Charles keeps Odo on Eivor’s radar. If you spare Charles, it will also trigger Toka to learn a bit about being peaceful and merciful. 

If you’re still not satisfied with the decision, you can change your mind and use the “load previous save” button to return to the choice. 

1. All King Charles Choices in AC Valhalla

While confronting and fighting King Charles the Fat, players will have a total of two options to choose from. They are either to spare his life or to kill him and end his tyrant rule over Francia.

I. What happens if I choose to kill King Charles in AC Valhalla?

Killing King Charles in AC Valhalla will lead Queen Richardis to accuse Eivor of murder and betraying her trust. The throne will go to Count Odo, and Toka will be happy with the results and join Eivor to have a peace treaty between the Raven clan and the Elgring clan.

You’ll see Count Odo in the hall when you go back to the Elgring family, and he’ll be glad to hear that you have killed the King. This action will lead to you having a festive drink with Toka and the count.

II. What happens if I choose to spare King Charles in AC Valhalla?

Sparing King Charles, just as Queen Richardis had requested, will lead to her thanking Eivor for the mercy and taking Charles away to tend to his mental well-being.

Contrarily, Count Odo will be angry with Eivor’s choice but will take over the throne anyways. Additionally, Toka will be happy and pledge her alliance with the Raven clan to free England and Ravensthorpe from threats.

Therefore, both choices have more or less the same impact on the outcome of the DLC. 

2. How to kill King Charles in AC Valhalla?

To kill King Charles, players have to deplete his stamina and push his body towards a lit brazier to light him on firePlayers need to repeat this process a few times before they can successfully kill him.

After Charles dies and Count Odo succeeds the throne, it will still be unclear whether Odo plans to let Norse men stay in Francia. He might not be the best candidate for the throne, but with no one claiming it, he will be delighted with Charles’ death and celebrate his succession immediately.

3. How to spare King Charles in AC Valhalla?

To spare King Charles, find a lever that opens a small room. Charles will get angry and follow the players there. Then they can deplete his stamina and stun him to run outside and push the lever immediately to trap him inside.

King Charles will then be trapped, and Queen Richardis will soon rescue her husband. By choosing this option, you will notice Queen Richardis will reprimand King Charles and inform Eivor about his mental instability. Charles’ mental state is not right, and his rash decisions might result from his poor mental health.

4. About Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the twelfth instalment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise developed and published by Ubisoft. It follows the story of a Norwegian Viking, Eivor Varinsdottir, who longs for all the riches and resources available in England. However, when he meets resistance from the Saxons, especially king Aelfred of Wessex, he must carry out what’s necessary to achieve Valhalla in the afterlife.


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