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Shoot!’s New Visual Teases Original 2022 Anime with a Fresh Protagonist

Almost 28 years after Toshi shot his last goal in the legendary Shoot! anime, the franchise is coming back with an original anime.

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Shoot! had left sports anime fans heartbroken but also completely in love with it. So, the upcoming installment to the series has high expectations to live up to.

Although Toshi and Kubo will no longer be present in the series, a fresh protagonist is here to fill that void to some extent.

Tsukasa Ooshima’s Shoot! franchise is receiving an all-new original anime series in 2022 titled Shoot! Goal to the Future. A new visual has also been revealed, which gives us more information on the anime’s plot.

Shoot!’s New Visual Teases Original 2022 Anime with a Fresh Protagonist
Shoot! Goal to the Future Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual shows Atsushi Kamiya, the former captain of the Kakegawa High soccer team, looking somewhere far away. Before him is Hideto Tsuji, the new protagonist of the series.

Tsuji is apparently disinterested in soccer due to its now-weakened team. Will his meeting with Kamiya spark a new flame of love for the sport in him?

Kamiya had the reputation of being a cold person in the actual anime, but after the events of his school life, he might have changed.

Shoot!’s New Visual Teases Original 2022 Anime with a Fresh Protagonist
Shoot! | Source: Toei Animation

The new series will act as a sequel to the 1993 anime as it begins with an adult Kamiya. EMT Squared is helming the animation production after Toei had produced the first 58-episode series.

Shoot! with its excellent plot and memorable lines like “Do you love soccer?” had become the heartbeat of manga readers and soccer professionals alike.

Will the new series be able to revive the nostalgia of Shoot!? Or will it stay as just a sequel?

About Shoot!

Shoot! is a soccer-themed manga, written and illustrated by Tsukasa Ooshima. It was serialized from 1990-2003 in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine.

The Shoot! manga has also inspired an anime that aired from 1993 to 1994. It aired a total of 58 episodes. A short anime film was also based on the manga, which was released in 1994.

Toshi is a high schooler who loves soccer. He, with his two other friends, Shiraishi and Hiramatsu, formed the Golden Trio of soccer in junior high. They were disbanded due to personal concerns, but they reunited in high school, and soon their team will play in the All-Japan High School Championship.

Source: Shoot Official Website

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