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‘Shoot! Goal to the Future’ Previews Foot-Tapping ED with New Trailer

Shoot! Goal to the Future, the much-awaited sequel to the original Shoot! franchise, will be here next month after a long wait. The soccer spirit will be rekindled with this anime, and I bet you can’t wait to see Atsushi’s adult form.

Although the series will start with a new protagonist and a new team, the competitiveness and camaraderie seem to be the same. Since the sequel is debuting 28 years after the initial series, I have no doubt that fans are simply waiting for the release date.

The Shoot! Goal to the Future anime will be released on July 2, 2022. Crunchyroll will stream the series.

North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and the Commonwealth of Independent States will receive simulcast.

In its latest promotional video, the ending theme song by “all at once” named “Rivals” has been revealed:

「シュート! Goal to the Future」ED主題歌PV
“Shoot! Goal to the Future” ED theme song PV

In the very first scene, you can see Hideto Tsuji, the protagonist, whose enthusiasm for soccer has been rekindled. He used to be lonely and hated soccer for some time but is seen shooting gorgeously.

The passion for participating in the national tournament is visible among all the members of Tsuji’s team. Some light and funny bonding moments between them are also shown.

Atsushi takes the final entry and talks to Hideto in a stern but somber voice, reminding the audience how meaningful this sport is to him.

‘Shoot! Goal to the Future’ Previews Foot-Tapping ED with New Trailer
Shoot! Goal to the Future | Source: Crunchyroll

As the release date is approaching, fans’ expectations are also rising. The pressure is on as a lot rides on the sequel to the legendary soccer franchise. Will Shoot! Goal to the Future deliver? Or will it just be forgotten as an unnecessary sequel?

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About Shoot! Goal to the Future

Shoot! Goal to the Future is a sequel anime series of the 1990 Shoot! series by Tsukasa Ōshima. Noriyuki Nakamura is directing the series at EMT Squared with Mitsutaka Hirota writing the scripts, and Yukiko Akiyama designing the characters.

It follows the next generation of Kakegawa High’s legendary soccer club with Atsushi Kamiya as their coach. The story revolves around the protagonist Hideto Tsuji and the new team giving rise to another epic saga.

Source: Official Website

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