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Shogakukan Gives the Perfect ‘Cat Day’ Gift by Announcing Ore, Tsushima Anime

Are you a cat person? Do you love playing with these vicious yet adorable creatures? Good news for you if your answer is YES; we will be getting an anime with a cat as its protagonist.

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It’s National Cat Day in Japan, and Shogakukan gave us the perfect gift by announcing an anime adaptation of Ore, Tsushima cat manga.

The official Twitter account of Ore, Tsushima anime has released a key visual that features Tsushima holding a tablet in his paws. The anime scheduled to premiere in Summer 2021.

Summer 2021 “Ore, Tsushima” will be animated!

It will be a realistic depiction of cats, an episode of hunger and a story that invites tears. A key visual depicting the main character, Kijitora “Tsushima,” is also released.

English Translation, Twitter Translate

We still don’t have a promo video yet, but you can have a rough idea from the video below, which mainly comprise a collection of visuals.

『俺、つしま3』 予告篇
Ore, Tsushima Video

The video features the daily life of Tsushima, showing us how he keeps everyone around him occupied. It confirms that the anime will apparently follow the manga’s unusual convention of realistic-looking cats and cartoonish humans.

This simple looking series will be featuring some of the most popular names from One Piece’s voice cast:

  • Mayumi Tanaka, the voice behind Monkey D. Luffy, will be playing the role of the elderly female character named Ojii-chan.
  • The protagonist cat, Tsushima, will be played by Akio Ohtsuka, who his famous for his role as Blackbeard in One Piece.

I think this is enough to ensure that the voice acting performances will be top-notch.

This is the first cat-centric anime since the release of ‘A Wisker Away.’ The film brought into light a less explored genre that has been well accepted by fans world-wide. Now, it’s time to see Ore Tsushima anime makes the most out of this cat anime hype.

I just hope that it turns out to be so appealing that it even changes the minds of all cat-hating fellows who keep throwing dirt at these adorable little meow meows.

About Ore, Tsushima

Ore, Tsushima is based on a manga by Opunokyodai. Shogakukan published the manga’s third volume on October 22.

It revolves around an elderly female character named Ojii-chan. She takes care of many younger cats who have nowhere else to go.

Her life becomes even more happening when a brazen cat named Tsushima appears in his backyard.

Source: Official Website

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