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Shaman King Mangaka Releases New Manga with Artist Tamiya’s 4WD Racecars

Hiroyuki Takei is a veteran mangaka who has given us a few classics and has even collaborated with Stan Lee on Ultimo! While things are going great for him on the anime front with the Shaman King remake, he is about to catch up on the manga front too.

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It has been a while since the mangaka has released new original works. Recently, he has spent a lot of time expanding upon the Shaman King franchise with his Shaman King: The Superstar spinoff and origin stories. 

But now he is back to new things with the newest addition to Tamiya’s 4WD franchise.

The official website for the Monthly Coro Coro Comics magazine has announced the serialization of Hiroyuki Takei and artist Yuki Imada’s new manga Mini 4 King has begun.

Shaman King Mangaka Releases New Manga with Artist Tamiya’s 4WD Racecars
Mini 4 King | Source: Coro Coro Comics

The visual for the manga shows Mota Kudo, the main character of the story holding up his Road Spirit (VZ Chassis) Laser Mini 4WD race car.

The manga revolves around kids racing these Laser Mini 4WD cars with each other.

Laser Mini 4WD are toy race cars released by Tamiya Toys. Tamiya had revealed the new mini race car line before the start of the manga. The first car, Mota Kudo’s Road Spirit will be available for purchase on 28th August 2021. This new lineup was designed by Hiroyuki Takei himself.

This isn’t the first time he is working with Tamiya’s 4WD franchise. His previous work Hyper Dash! Yonkuro is a spinoff to the original manga series for the franchise.

Although the manga is aimed at kids, it has the potential to grow worldwide. Looking at franchises associated with toys like Beyblade and Bakugan, this is not a far-fetched thought!

This could very well be a strategy to sell off more toys, but when it comes to story, we know it would not be lacking. 

About Shaman King

Shaman King is a manga written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei. It began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump from June 30, 1998.

The series received an abrupt end on August 30, 2004, leaving fans disappointed.

The manga received a reprint in 2009 to give its fans the true ending to the series. It also received an adaptation by studio Xebec in 2001 that was directed by Seiji Mizushima.

It introduces us to a world of shamans. These Shamans are powerful beings who can see and communicate with spirits, ghosts, and gods.

Once in 500 years, a prestigious tournament called The Shaman Fight is organized, and the winner gets to shape the world in his image with the aid of the great spirits. The story revolves around Manta Oyamada, who has a chance encounter with You Asakura that completely changes his life. Asakura aims to become the Shaman King, aided by Manta and his 600-year-old samurai friend Amidamaru. They set out to fulfill You’s dream.

Source: Coro Coro Comics Official Website

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