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Gothic Mystery Anime Shadows House Confirms Season 2 Debut in July

Shadows House is the kind of anime that will give you horrid jumpscares followed by a wholesome moment to level it out.

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In a place where lively and kawaii human assistants accompany a menacing dark shadow, you can only guess just how many tragedies have been swept under the rug.

When the anime’s first season came out, it caused an uproar in the goth and mystery-loving fans. The anime not only checked every box of being a brilliant dark anime but also presented a story we just couldn’t get over.

After introducing us to so many puzzles and cliffhangers, the anime has been green-lit for another season.

So-ma-to’s mystery anime Shadows House has announced a season 2 under production and is scheduled for a July 2022 release.

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The broadcast decision in July 2022

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The visual released with the announcement is divided into two parts showing two parallels.

The upper part features a silhouette of a robed individual, whereas the bottom portion features our favorite pair Emilico and Kate walking around in the manor.

Manga readers already know who the mysterious person in the robe is, but anime fans still have the time to brainstorm and cook up some interesting theories about them.

Gothic Mystery Anime Shadows House Confirms Season 2 Debut in July
Shadows House | Source: IMDb

Since the visual has focused on the person, you know that the arc is based entirely on them.

Moreover, most of the primary staff and cast members will be returning for the upcoming season. Needless to say, the entire thing will be epic, and I hope the crew can pull it off.

Last season hung us all up on a lot of stuff with so many questions left unanswered. The new season brings up more secrets, and I can’t wait to see how all of it ties up in the end.

If you’ve already forgotten what happened in season 1, then I suggest you re-watch it before the next one.

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About Shadows House

Shadows House is a slice of life supernatural manga by Soumatou. It was first released in Weekly Young Jump in September 2018.

The anime takes us to the mysterious, western-style mansion populated by a clan of “Shadows,” who imitate the trappings of human aristocracy. The Shadows have no faces and are attended by “Living dolls.”

The story follows Emiriko, a doll who serves Living Shadow Kate. Apart from being her maid, Emiriko is expected to become Kate’s “face” once her mistress is old enough to be introduced to the other mansion residents.

Source: Shadows House Anime Official Twitter

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