Netflix Shares a Rip-Roaring Teaser for Seven Deadly Sins Spin-Off

The Seven Deadly Sins have experienced enough peace after the Holy War, and it’s time for another crisis to strike. Although this time, it will be Meliodas’ son who will be the hero.

Meliodas and Elizabeth’s son Tristan reached the age of 10 during the series finale. As the child of a powerful demon and angel, Tristan is bound to become a greater entity than both.

Fans got very excited to see the potential for an epic sequel to the series with Tristan in the lead. They want to see his entire journey till he becomes a respectable knight, and The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh is here just for that.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 1 | Official Teaser #2 | Netflix
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 1 | Official Teaser #2 | Netflix

As seen in the latest trailer by Netflix, Tristan doesn’t look much older than how he was at the end of season 5 of the main series. At the same time, his face has a sterner expression showing that he’s a different and much stronger person now.

The trailer also teases that the movie will bring back all of our favorites from the main series. We see Gowther, King, Diane, and Ban while Tristan shows off some sick double swordplay as he stops a huge energy ball with them.

Besides the action, the video also gives us insight into the movie’s plot. While Tristan is out there fighting, Meliodas is drowning in worry as Elizabeth has fallen sick and looks in severe danger.

Netflix has also revealed a new visual drawn in the manga’s original style. It features Tristan, Gowther, Elizabeth, and a fairy who I think is either Ban’s son Lancelot or King and Diane’s kid.

I think the movie will focus on Tristan trying to save his dying mother at any cost and without Meliodas’ help. However, he might get assistance from Lancelot and the others.

Despite being the first part of the Grudge of Edinburgh film series, it has much more action than expected. The creators have given it a solid start and shown Tristan as a fighter to set the premise for the sequel, Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

Naturally, fans can’t wait for both of these productions.

About The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 1

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh is an original two-part film debuting in December 2022. It is a sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins anime and has an original story based on the manga.

The movie features Meliodas and Elizabeth’s son Tristan as the protagonist struggling with the powers he inherited from his parents. He goes to Edinburgh to find a cure for his mother’s illness. In Edinburgh, Deathpierce, a former holy knight maintains his castle.

Source: Netflix Anime’s Official Twitter Account


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