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Who is Seth’s Brother In Radiant?

Radiant follows the experience of Seth as he navigates his adventures towards bringing peace between Sorcerers like himself and the rest of humanity.

One of the most intriguing characters of the story is the main character’s brother – Piodon. Who is he? Well, let’s find out! 

Piodon is Seth’s older brother and a member of ‘Inquisition’. He is not the biological brother of Seth in human terms. Still, he possesses a similar infection from the Nemesis – the horns.

The people afflicted with horns after their contact with Nemesis are linked to each other in their conscious.

Who is Seth’s Brother? 

Piodon is Seth’s older brother in theory as he is a horned man just like Seth and others such as Diabal and Triton.

Interestingly enough, Piodon is a member of ‘Inquisition’ – the very organization that is in charge of the Sorcerer’s persecution. Piodon is a member of the special faction of Miracle Makers within Inquisition called the Thaumaturges.

who is seth's brother in radiant
Piodon | Source: Radiant

He works with the Inquisition General Torque and holds ideas similar to him about changing the world on their own. His position in Thaumaturges is unknown, but the faction is a closed circle for certain elected officials. It is known that it’s not reserved for Inquisitors of any specific rank.

Is Piodon evil? 

Piodon is a composed and polite person who is generally genial. Yet his actions and background make his personality seem like a facade. His actions are manipulative in nature and a gamble on one’s life.

This is witnessed during the time he awakens the dark power within Seth, which saves his life but carried the risk of swallowing him whole. Piodon’s actions seem to be driven by his own personal ambitions rather than the wellbeing of his ‘brother’ Seth.

Although his personal ambitions and reasons for working with Inquisition is unknown. The fact that he works with the organisation that persecutes his own kind is quite puzzling.

Can we trust Piodon?

Piodon seems to know a lot about the dark power residing within Seth’s horns. He has shown the ability to activate it forcefully but remains mum about his reasons for getting involved with Seth. He claims to be his ‘brother’ in theory, yet Seth himself hasn’t heard of him.

Piodon also shows an uncanny resemblance to Seth and his other ‘brothers’. He has shown an interest in what people fight for and who they fight for. Upon his first meeting with Seth, Piodon offers to awaken his consciousness to which Seth reluctantly agrees and later regrets.

Radiant l Seth's Awakening Vs The Inquisition l

This awakening tapped into the dark power within Seth’s horns and has given way to Seth’s Berserk Mode. Seth continued to see Piodon in his dreams which freaked him out and motivated him to ask Piodon to leave.

After encountering Diabal, the previous ‘brother’, the dubious motives of Piodon become clearer. Diabal claims that he was manipulated by Piodon and this led to him being tortured by the Inquisition. Piodon evokes a murderous intent within Diabal. 

About Radiant

Radiant is adapted from a manfra – which is the French equivalent of manga or French comics that draw inspiration from Japanese manga.

Radiant constructs a fascinating world and lore where monsters called Nemesis to fall from the sky and curse anyone who survives contact with it. These people end up wielding a magical power called ‘Fantasia’ and become Sorcerers.

In a world run by Inquisition which is wary of witchcraft and its association with monsters, Sorcerers are persecuted and vilified. Seth is one such Sorcerer who hopes to put an end to the discrimination by destroying the lair of the Nemesis – the Radiant.

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