Servant Season 3 Episode 6: Release Date, Recap and Speculation

The Turners are excited to attend a block party being organized in their neighborhood and Sean hosts an ice cream stall in the festival. Leanne decides to attend the festival.

She rushes out in the middle of getting her face painted but eventually settles down after spending some time with Tobe.

However, the night ends badly for her when she is violently attacked by cult members. She returns home and tries to get all traces of blood off Dorothy’s overalls. We bring you the latest updates!

Servant — Season 3 Official Trailer | Apple TV+
Servant — Season 3 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Servant Season 3 Episode 6 Speculation

Leanne is finally able to let loose and enjoys the festival. She wins a soft toy in one of the games and dances with Tobe. When she visits one of the stalls to see if they were still open and serving food, she’s attacked.

She rushes through the house but the attackers make it past the door and follow her to the park, where she’s cornered by the group of homeless youth that had been lingering around the house for the past couple of days.

Servant Season 3 Episode 6: Release Date, Recap and Speculation
Dorothy & Sean

She returns home with blood on her hands and an injury on the back of her head. How did she get away from her attackers?

Dorothy discovers blood on the doorknob and scratch marks on the wooden floors. Will she confront Leanne about it? Find out in the next episode.

Servant Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date

Chapter 5 of the Servant Season 3 series has been released on Friday, Feb 25, 2022 at 12:00 am PDT. The chapter title has not been leaked yet.

No delays have been announced.

1. Is the series on break?

No, the series is not on break and will proceed as scheduled.

Servant Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Leanne awakens to the commotion in preparation for a Block party being organized in the neighborhood. Much to Dorothy’s excitement, she tells the Turners she’s ready to go outside and will attend the festival with them.

Julian comes in and makes a remark about how the homeless youth by the park are growing in number.

Dorothy is upset when she sees that the network sent Isabelle to cover the festival. She resolves not to let her get sidelined by the network and take control of the situation by going on camera with Jericho.

Servant Season 3 Episode 6: Release Date, Recap and Speculation
Leanne Grayson

Leanne relaxes a bit when she sees the homeless youth get kicked out by one of the organizers since it is a paid event. She visits the face painting booth and asks for a tiger.

Leanne discovers Isabelle speaking to a woman who was badmouthing the Turners and confronts them about it. Isabelle looks up Leanne by her full name and comes across a missing person’s poster.

Dorothy discovers that Sean has been attending Church without telling her when the Minister introduces herself to her at the festival. Tobe tells Leanne that Sylvia stopped speaking to him after the accident.

Sean receives an offer call from Gourmet Gauntlet but he hangs up on them. Later that night, Dorothy tells Sean that she invited his Minister over for dinner.

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About Servant

Servant is an American psychological horror drama series executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan, who also takes in the director’s ropes alongside daughter Ishana Shyamalan. The series is created and written by Tony Basgallop. 

The incredible main cast for Servant includes Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free and Rupert Grint. All of the cast have received commendable praise for their acting in the series. 

Servant revolves around a married Philadelphia couple, Sean and Dorothy, who lose their thirteen-week-old baby, Jericho in a mysterious mishap. Dorothy goes catatonic, and to keep her sane, Sean brings home a lifelike doll of an infant. 

Dorothy soon believes the doll to be her real child and the couple hire a mysterious nanny, Leanne. Things start turning for the worse when Leanne also caresses Jericho as a real baby and supernatural things start occurring with the Turners. 

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