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Sentai Filmworks Acquires Video Rights for Studio Pierrot’s Hero Mask Anime

Superheroes aren’t the only ones who wear a mask. Even a warm smile can be a mask to hide the most devilish intentions.

Here, the crime thriller anime Hero Mask revolves around a mysterious mask, behind which lies a man who should not exist.

With its unique story and western elements, the anime breaks out of the norm even among the mystery genre.

Now, how can the American anime licensing company Sentai Filmworks let go of such an engaging yet underrated anime that revolves around western culture? Well, it didn’t.

On Thursday, Sentai Filmworks announced that it has acquired the home video rights for Studio Pierrot’s Hero Mask worldwide, except in Asia.

The licensing companies play an essential part in introducing the Western world to the jewel called ‘anime.’ Over the years, we have seen several underrated anime that have been well accepted in the Western world.

Hero Mask | Source: Official Website

Sentai Filmworks must have seen potential in the anime, which led the company to acquire its video rights. And the franchise’s future depends on how well it performs on the worldwide platform.

Does that mean that the elite Police officer, James Blood, will now be seen in many more streaming platforms in future? I guess we have to wait to know for sure.

Back in 2020, the author, Wakaiki, came up with a spinoff manga to the series. Who knows, if everything goes right, and if it receives the response it deserves, we might see an anime adaptation of the spinoff series too.

About Hero Mask

Hero Mask is an original net animation by Studio Pierro. The series was produced by Netflix and broadcasted all over the world through its OTT platform. Its first season debuted on December 3, 2018, with 15 episodes. The series received its sequel on August 23 2019.

The series has been written and directed by Hiroyasu Aoki, who has worked on major projects like High school of the Dead, Hunter x Hunter and No Game no Life. Hiroyasu Aoki has also been credited with the music for the series.

Hero mask, as described by its official website, is an action-packed crime story behind the mystery of a mask. It describes its story as:“Now there’s a mysterious Mask before James Blood, and the man behind it is one that shouldn’t exist. What is the mystery surrounding this mask…? So begins an action-packed crime story set in a beautiful city!”

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