Epic Trailer of ‘Sengoku Youko’ Anime Reveals Theme Songs


  • A trailer was revealed showcasing the story and revealing the theme songs of ‘Sengoku Youko’.
  • “Hibana” is performed by MindaRyn, and “Yūyami no Uta” is performed by KEIKO.
  • The preview introduces the two main characters, Tama Youko and Jinka Yamato.

The anime industry made some big announcements at this year’s New York Comic Con. This included the surprise reveal of an anime adaptation of ‘Sengoku Youko’ a fantasy manga by Satoshi Mizukami. 

‘Sengoku Youko’ is scheduled to air during the Winter 2024 anime season, and its release date is quickly approaching. Its official website streamed a promotional video showcasing the story and revealing the theme songs.

The anime’s opening theme song, “Hibana,” is performed by MindaRyn, and the ending theme song, “Yūyami no Uta,” is performed by KEIKO.

TVアニメ「戦国妖狐 世直し姉弟編」ストーリーPV

The preview began with the two main characters holding hands. Tama Youko and Jinka Yamato were introduced in the following slide. Tama appeared energetic and enthusiastic, while Jinka appeared skilled in combat with his staff.

The video showed Shinsuke wielding a Katana, an important second-in-command character in the anime. They also introduced Shakugan, the pink-haired deuteragonist, and a group of potent antagonists with magical beast-transforming abilities.

As stated earlier, the artists responsible for the theme soundtracks in Sengoku Youko anime are MindaRyn (opening) and KEIKO (ending). 

#Sengoku Inu Sekaisai Sibling Edition OP theme artist decided MindaRyn “HIBANA” Lyrics: SACHIKO Composition/Arrangement: Hisashi Koyama [Release Information] Released on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 *Title song “HIBANA” only1 Advance delivery from /11! Click here for details https://sengoku-youko.com/news/detail.php?id=20 #MindaRyn
MindaRyn is a popular Thai YouTuber who became famous for her anime song covers. Her persistence and commitment bore fruit when one of her songs was chosen as the opening theme for the third season of the anime series, “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”.

English Translation, Twitter Translate

#Sengoku Inu Sekaisai Sibling Edition ED theme artist decided KEIKO “Yuyami no Uta” Lyrics, composition, arrangement: Yuki Kajiura [Release information] Released on Wednesday, January 24, 2024 *”Yuyami no Uta” TV size will be distributed in advance from 12/6! Click here for details https://sengoku-youko.com/news/detail.php?id=20 #KEIKO #Yuki Kajiura
KEIKO, a former member of Kalafina, will perform the ending theme song for the anime. The song was produced by Yuki Kajiura, who also made Kalafina’s music.

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With a captivating plot, unique characters, and a dedicated creative team, the Sengoku Youko anime promises to be a must-watch for manga fans and newcomers alike. Combining historical elements, fantastical themes, and intense battles will keep audiences hooked from the first episode.

About Sengoku Youko

Sengoku Youko is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Satoshi Mizukami. It was serialized in Mag Garden’s Monthly Comic Blade magazine from December 2007 to July 2014. An anime television series adaptation produced by White Fox is set to premiere in January 2024.

Tokyopop describes the manga’s story:

The world is divided into two factions: humans and monsters called katawara. Despite being a katawara, Tama loves humans and vows to protect them from evil, even if it means fighting her own kind. Her brother Jinka, however, hates humans, despite mostly being one. The siblings are joined by a cowardly swordsman named Shinsuke, who wants to learn how to become strong.

Source: Official Website

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