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Romance Might be Next as Science SARU Announces Yurei Deco for Summer 2022

I’m always fascinated when Science Saru declares something new. After all, they’re the studio behind amazing stuff like Devilman Crybaby, Heike Story, and Eizouken.

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Science SARU has announced a new original anime titled Yurei Deco. The show will premiere sometime in Summer 2022.

A brief video previews the title logo. The logo includes a heart shape, and the accompanying tweet mentions that the studio “will deliver a lot of ‘love’ to everyone this year.”

A cryptic 11/11 message is also featured in both the teaser and the tweet.

Casting doubts that Yuasa will be involved in Science SARU’s Yurei Deco. Given that the studio has lately opened up for other directors, we’ll have to wait and see. Lowkey anticipating an ex-Madhouse/4C director though.

My prediction for this original anime based on the teaser is that the story is about cute girls painting supernatural creatures.

Romance Might be Next as Science SARU Announces Yurei Deco for Summer 2022
Science SARU | Source: Funimation

After painting the creatures, they become real and the girls interact with the supernatural beings. Instead of it being a supernatural horror anime, it may be a fantasy, slice of life, supernatural, romance, school comedy anime.

Science SARU has made some very distinct feeling anime like the more recently Heike Monogatari, so I’m pumped to see what do they got for us this summer.

With so little information I couldn’t possibly say if this will be good or bad, but it should prove to be interesting at the very least.

About Yurei Deco

Yurei Deco is an original anime by Science SARU. Its release date and other details have not been revealed yet.

In a small trailer, the anime teased that it will deliver lots of love to its audience. It is possible that the anime will be a romance or romantic-comedy series.

Source: Twitter

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