Jackass! BL Manga’s Hosaka And Miyoshi get their own Spin-Off this Fall

Scarlet Beriko, the steamy BL manga author, is back with her new manga title. No, it is not an entirely new story but rather a continuation of her most famous work, Jackass!. 

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Beriko has earned a name in the industry for writing interconnected stories. And even after that, she manages to keep each one unique and have its own charm.

Living up to her unique style, she decided to start yet another one.

Scarlet Beriko has launched the spin-off manga of Jackass! called Hosaka-san to Miyoshi-kun (Hosaka and Miyoshi) in Shinshokan’s Cheri+ September issue.


Released today Chéri + September issue]

A new spin-off series of the famous colored “Jackass!” Has started! From #Scarlet Beriko’s “Hosaka-san and Miyoshi-kun” ♪

Miyoshi of Ronin, who older gay Hosaka approached…!? 1 & 2 episodes posted at the same time ♥ ︎

* D + C “Jersey ⑤” will be released on 8/2 !!

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It will be based on the supporting characters of Jackass!, Hosaka and Miyoshi. The previous manga was all about the best friends to lovers trope, whereas the upcoming one is all about the ‘how did HE fall for HIM’ thing.  

They are definitely an unusual pair for various reasons, the major one being their behavior towards Katsumi, another supporting character from the original. Miyoshi used to bully Katsumi while Hosaka protected the former from getting bullied.

This makes us wonder why would a nice person fall for a bully?! Well, we all know why but from a morality point of view, it definitely raises that question.


[Chéri + September issue released today]

It’s on sale today ~ !! The cover and color of the September issue of Sheriplus are marked by the new series “Hosaka-san and Miyoshi-kun” by Dr. Scarlet Beriko.

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But, against all odds, these two characters somehow fell for each other. The funny thing is that no matter how badass Miyoshi acts, he transforms into a lost puppy in front of Hosaka.  

Beriko has a style of connecting her stories by integrating the characters in all of them. Hosaka and Miyoshi are just the starting of this. Maybe we’ll get a fluffy romantic spin-off about Katsumi too. Or maybe about some other character from Jackass! Who knows?

About Jackass!

Jackass! is a Japanese BL manga by Scarlet Beriko. It was published in English by SuBLime on October 10, 2017.

Keisuke Hara, a blunt high schooler with a heart of gold, and good-looking Masayuki Shinoda are close friends, fondly dubbed “Shinohara” by their classmates. Juggling many responsibilities at school and home, Keisuke works hard to help out the sister who is his only family now.

One busy morning when his sister declares that she slept in his jersey, all Keisuke feels is a mild annoyance—until, during PE, he realizes that she removed her pantyhose inside of his pants, and he is accidentally wearing them!

Masayuki is quick to take his friend to the infirmary but Keisuke must find a way to deal with Masayuki’s fetish before it escalates into something they are both unprepared for.

Source: Cheri+ Twitter


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