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‘Sasaki and Miyano’s’ OVA Teases an Original Story with a Detective Twist

Sasaki and Miyano, the hottest BL anime of 2022 left all fujoshi speechless with its two cute protagonists. In the final episode of season 1, Sasaki and Miyano confessed their love for each other, which melted all hearts within a radius of 1km.

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After a fresh confession, it is natural that fans would want more fluff content from the series, but waiting for a second season seems to be no less than torture. Thus, the creators have come up with the perfect plan to satisfy us.

The Sasaki and Miyano anime will receive a new OVA on July 27, 2022. It is an original episode titled “Koi ni Kizuku Mae no Chotto Shita Hanashi” and will be considered the 13th episode of the anime.

The cute new trailer will give you a glimpse into the new developments in the lives of our lovey-dovey protagonists:

TV anime “Sasaki and Miyano” Episode 13 “A little story before you notice love.” Digest video

The OVA will begin with a student who has lost a keychain and goes to Miyano to seek help.

A detective group called “First Lost-Item Detective Agency” will be formed by Hanazawa, who is somehow quite enthusiastic about the case.

In season 1, Hanazawa was just shown as the cryptid senior whose smile never reached his eyes but in the upcoming OVA, his inner detective-wannabe will be brought out in front of others.

‘Sasaki and Miyano’s’ OVA Teases an Original Story with a Detective Twist
Sasaki and Miyano | Source: Official Website

It looks like the creator is planning on throwing some light on the supporting characters with this OVA, but I still hope that we can get some cute scenes of the newly-dating couple.

About Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano by Harusono is a BL (Boy’s Life) manga which has been published on the pixiv website since 2016.

Miyano is a girlish looking boy who is insecure about how he looks and spends his days reading BL manga.

He meets Sasaki, a delinquent senior, while trying to prevent a scuffle at school. Sasaki seems more and more interested in Miyano every day.

Source: Official Twitter

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