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Sasaki and Miyano Trailer has Fans Falling for The Quintessential Yaoi Saga

Though it is hard to replicate the convoluted romantic tales of chance meetings and love at first sight in real life, many still have these aspirations. 

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Luckily for Yoshikazu Miyano, the self-proclaimed expert of Fujoshi/ BL literature, his long-sought tale of a bad-boy senpai falling for him is coming true.

But the awkward little boy hasn’t quite realized it yet, so it’s up to senpai Sasaki to make sure their story has a happily ever after in the aptly titled anime “Sasaki and Miyano.” 

The official website for Shō Harusono’s “Sasaki and Miyano” anime series began streaming the trailer on Sunday (September 12), revealing the show’s January 2022 premiere.

The broadcast started in January 2022! TV anime “Sasaki and Miyano” teaser PV

The trailer has enough slow-mo of the main couple that it is sure to make the entire fujoshi community swoon and squeal for a week or so.

The animation seems top-tier, and as for the visual, it looks straight out of a shoujo anime of Fruit Basket’s caliber. Overall the trailer is neatly packed together with great music and is sure to leave many hearts fluttering. 

Sasaki and Miyano Trailer has Fans Falling for the Quintessential Yaoi Saga
Sasaki and Miyano | Source: Fandom

Sasaki and Miyano’s story is unlike many other ‘Boys Love’ tales because mangaka Shō Harusono wishes to focus on the daily lives of the high school boys.

The story’s slice of life aspect makes the series stand out with gentler themes in the crowded Fujoshi genre. 

This super cute story has already won the hearts of many with its manga series, and it seems that the upcoming anime adaptation might be the breakthrough romance series of 2022. 

About Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano by Harusono is a BL (Boy’s Life) manga which has been published on the pixiv website since 2016.

Miyano is a girlish looking boy who is insecure about how he looks and spends his days reading BL manga.

He meets Sasaki, a delinquent senior, while trying to prevent a scuffle at school. Sasaki seems more and more interested in Miyano every day.

Source: Official Website 

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