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‘Sasaki and Miyano’ Announces New Ultra-Cute Anime After Season 1 Finale

Sasaki and Miyano, the cute BL duo, have already won over thousands of hearts, and their reign is not over yet. Season 1 of the anime just ended, and now we already have an announcement for a second project.

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While the nature of the upcoming project is still unclear, I hope that it shows Sasaki and Miyano’s dating life. They were already so cute before the confession, and I can’t wait to see how adorable they will act now.

The Sasaki and Miyano manga will receive a new anime, as announced by the season 1 finale of the series. Although not many details have been revealed at the moment, you can expect more information soon.

‘Sasaki and Miyano’ Announces New Ultra-Cute Anime After Season 1 Finale
Sasaki And Miyano Visual | Source: Official Website

Now, the real question is, will the next anime be the second season or an anime movie? Even a spinoff is appreciated at this point.

Season 1, episode 12 of Sasaki and Miyano finally gave us the confession and kiss we all deserved. The two boys are now officially in a relationship. Season 1 was a slow burn, and it really built the anticipation for that first kiss.

‘Sasaki and Miyano’ Announces New Ultra-Cute Anime After Season 1 Finale
Sasaki and Miyano | Source: Official Website

I know many of you are currently devastated about your non-existent love life after watching the scene, and I just want you to brace yourselves because, with a new anime, the scenes will only get more and more intense.

About Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano by Harusono is a BL (Boy’s Life) manga which has been published on the pixiv website since 2016.

Miyano is a girlish looking boy who is insecure about how he looks and spends his days reading BL manga.

He meets Sasaki, a delinquent senior, while trying to prevent a scuffle at school. Sasaki seems more and more interested in Miyano every day.

Source:  Official Website

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