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SAO 2nd Cour Postponed Due To COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS Concerns

Coronavirus outbreak is causing a lot of fan conventions to be postponed indefinitely or even get canceled. Biggies such as Anime Japan 2020 and Anime Boston 2020 have already been canceled. This, in turn, has also caused the delay of production schedules for many manga and anime.

Joining the list of the postponed anime is Sword Art Online: Alicization War of Underworld Part 2. It was originally supposed to premiere on 25th April. However, it looks like fans will have to wait until July before they can enjoy the final arc of SAO: Alicization.

The notice was put up on Sword Art Online: Alicization’s website, which thanks viewers for their continued support towards the show.

It announces that the 2nd cour of the anime will be postponed till July 2020, and the new date for release will be posted on the website. Starting 18th April, the 1st cour of Sword Art Online: Alicization War of Underworld will be rebroadcast.

Other anime suffering this fate include No Guns Life 2nd Half, Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III, Princess Principal Crown Handler Chapter One, and various dubs from Crunchyroll.

Many manga titles, including Demon Slayer Volume 20, have also been postponed in light of this pandemic. An employee in Shueshia’s office was reported to have gone home with a mild fever, and since then, the entire office has been shut down, with work continuing from the employees’ houses. It was noted that the sick employee did not have any direct contact with the manga creators.

About Sword Art Online:

Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. The series takes place in the near future and focuses on protagonist Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki as they play through various virtual reality MMORPG worlds.

At the launch of the game, 10,000 people had connected themselves to the virtual reality of Sword Art Online. The plot takes a twist when people realize that they can’t quit the game.

Protagonist Kirito, who is a pro gamer and was present for the beta launch of SAO, starts planning to clear levels as soon as possible. Throughout his quest to finish the game, he meets many friends and also a love interest, Asuna.

The plot and the whole premise of the show are remarkably unique and quite believable in some futuristic sense.

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