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Samurai 8 Chapter 39 – Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Where To Read & Story Updates

Samurai 8: Hachimaruden is the latest manga by all-time favorite Masashi Kishimoto-sensei. Hachimaru is on his journey to find other key holders just like Hachi himself and to save the universe.

Chapter 38, titled “Ann and Hachimaru and Goku,” of the manga was released recently. It diverged from the action-packed chapters and elaborated on the samurai-princess relationship.

1. Chapter 39 Release Date

Chapter 39 of Samurai 8: Hachimaruden will release on February 21st, 2020. Chapter 39 will be about Ann and her deceased brother & the samurai-princess relationship between Hachimaru and Ann. We might see Hachi & Goku against Ata as well!

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2. Chapter 39 Speculation

Chapter 38 of the manga ended with Ann’s confession to Hachimaru about her brother and her feelings for Hachi. The next chapter will continue exploring the depths of Ann and Hachimaru’s relationship as a princess and Samurai.

The next chapter might go into another flashback from Ann’s past when her brother was alive. We might also see Ata’s attack on the group and a surprising tag team of Hachimaru and Goku.

3. Chapter 39 Raw Scans

The raw scans for chapter 39 have not been released yet. Please be patient and visit again in some time for the raw scans and spoilers for chapter 39 of Samurai 8.

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4. Chapter 38 Ann and Hachimaru and Goku Plot

Chapter 38 strayed from the action and adventure for the most part. It explored the depths of “relationships” in the Samurai 8 universe. The chapter starts from an individual panel with Ata teasing that we might be seeing him soon.

This is followed by a slightly-strung conversation between Hachimaru and Goku. It is clear from their conversation is that these two believe themselves to be the rivals of one another.

In the next panel, when Hachimaru comes back to Ann from his training, he sees her with Goku – who apparently is a capable cook. Hachi being jealous, challenges him for a little sparring match.

Hachi tries to show-off in front of Ann but is easily defeated by Goku in seconds – to which Daruma states that this rivalry is exactly what Hachi needs to level up. Under the frustration of his defeat, Hachi shouts at Ann, after which she seemingly ignores him for the rest of the chapter until the end.

During that time, Goku tells Hachi that princess and Samurai bound by fate may not necessarily fall in love – it can either be a life of love with freedom or a life of shackles of fate. Both Ann and Hachi are then advised by Sen and princess Kiriku to meet each other.

Upon meeting, Hachi confesses his jealousy while Ann confesses her liking for Hachimaru and mentions her brother. This leaves Hachimaru in a bit of surprise, and the chapter ends there and then.

5. Where To Read

Kishimoto’ Samurai 8 is currently published under Shueisha’s Shonen JumpWe recommend you buy the manga/books and read from official sources only. #SAYNOTOPIRACY

For cheaper options, you can buy the monthly subscription to Shonen Jump itself. The subscription will cost $1.99/month and give you access to approximately 10,000+ chapters, which is not a bad deal at all.

You can also buy Samurai 8: The Tail of Hachimaru Volume 1, because there’s nothing like a real book.

6. About Samurai 8

Kishimoto Sensei, the creator of wildly popular series Naruto, is back with yet another excellent piece of work – the new manga, Samurai 8: Hachimaruden. It began serialization in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump in April 2019.

Hachimaru is a boy who has had multiple allergies and health issues since birth resulting in a bed-ridden life forever. One day he has a fateful encounter with one of the legendary Samurai – Daruma!

In a sudden battle against Horse Samurai, Hachimaru accidentally performs the samurai ritual and is granted a robotic Samurai body. The body not only rids Hachimaru of all his miseries but fulfills his life-long dream of becoming a samurai. Thus starts the tale of a samurai who will eventually save the universe.

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