Samsung has Fit 512GB of DDR5 RAM onto a Single Stick!

Samsung has really gone all out with their latest creation. The South Korean tech giant has managed to create a single stick of 512GB DDR5 DIMM! This is a breakthrough in DDR5 SDRAM, making this stick of RAM the most capacious in the world, along with the fastest with a ridiculous 7,200 Mbps.

Samsung has Fit 512GB of DDR5 RAM Onto a Single Stick!
Samsung HKMG DDR5

This project was made possible thanks to Samsung’s TSV (Through Silicon Via) tech, which allows for the stacking of 8 memory chips on top of each other. It also utilizes High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) materials, which is generally used for logic semiconductors, not memory units. It’s being used here as a replacement for the usual insulation layer because, as the densities increase, legacy insulation layers have gotten too thin, leading to a higher leakage current.

Samsung first used HKMG back in 2018 in its GDDR6 memory and it’s found in plenty of graphics cards in the market. This new memory also uses 13% less power which is great for its intended use: in data centers.

Samsung has Fit 512GB of DDR5 RAM Onto a Single Stick!
Samsung HKMG DDR5

These modules have been designed for serious high-bandwidth workloads and will also be used in medical research, financial market, autonomous driving, etc. Samsung has also mentioned Intel and its Sapphire Rapids Xeon Scalable processors in the press release for this new memory.

DDR5 is still fairly new in the market, and offers double the bandwidth of DDR4 along with lower power consumption, but no consumer platform as yet supports it. DDR5 has been out since July 2020 but there hasn’t been much drive it support it as yet as DDR4 has enough bandwidth to complete most consumer operations.

Intel’s Alder Lake is expected to be the first consumer platform to support DDR5 and is set to release early in 2022. AMD’s Zen 4 architecture is also reported to support DDR5 and is due in the summer of 2022. With Samsung leading the charge for DDR5 with such a bombastic reveal, we’re hoping there will be plenty of options for speed and capacities by the time DDR5 is much more accessible to the public.

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