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‘Rurouni Kenshin’ to Receive a 2023 Remake Anime After 25 Years

Rurouni Kenshin is a classic samurai anime that has been widely recognized by otakus. It has a good ratio of plot and character development which makes it stand apart from other shonen series.

By now, you must already know the story of Kenshin Himura, the fearless samurai with a dark past. In this upcoming anime, you will see his story but in a modern animation style.

Kenshin Rurouni is receiving a new anime project that will re-adapt the main manga series. Studio LIDEN FILMS is animating the series, which will premiere in 2023.

A new trailer was revealed at the Aniplex Online Fest 2022, showing Kenshin’s jaw-dropping sword skills.

TVアニメ『るろうに剣心 -明治剣客浪漫譚-』第1弾PV
TV anime “Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story-” 1st PV

LIDEN FILMS has done an awesome job, judging from the video, and the animation quality has given a much-needed retouch to the original franchise.

The promo not only shows Kenshin fighting some unknown gang members, but it also shows Kaoru Kamiya, the series’ deuteragonist. While Kenshin is trying to forget his bloody past, Kaoru will serve as the person who will anchor Kenshin to his honest roots.

‘Rurouni Kenshin’ to Receive a 2023 Remake Anime After 25 Years
Rurouni Kenshin 2023 New Visual | Source: Official Website
PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorHideyo YamamotoStrike the Blood
Series Script Hideyuki KurataMade in Abyss
Character DesignerTerumi NishiiRe:cycle of Penguindrum
Music ComposerYū TakamiLibrary Wars

The cast members who will voice Kenshin and Kaoru have also been announced:

CharacterCastOther Works
Kenshin Himura Sōma SAITŌHaikyu!! (Tadashi Yamaguchi)
Kaoru KamiyaRie TakahashiRe: ZERO (Emilia)
‘Rurouni Kenshin’ to Receive a 2023 Remake Anime After 25 Years
Kenshin Visual | Source: Official Website
‘Rurouni Kenshin’ to Receive a 2023 Remake Anime After 25 Years
Kaoru Visual | Source: Official Website

It has been a quarter century since the last Rurouni Kenshin anime aired, making it a refreshing retelling of the story that many will be waiting for. While the 2023 anime will give renewed vigor to old fans, it will also interest new weebs who have been thinking of watching the series.

This historical action drama mixes fictional and non-fictional elements to create the perfect samurai anime. Given that its plot is already a tried and tested one, all that remains is to see LIDEN FILMS’ magic.

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About Rurouni Kenshin

It is a Japanese manga series penned and illustrated by Nobuhiro Watsuki. It was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1994 to 1999. A TV anime adaptation was also broadcast to 1996 to 1998, and it even has an anime film along with numerous video projects.

The English manga version was published by Viz Media, and the English anime version was released by Media Blasters.

The story revolves around a former assassin who, after going against the feudal government, changed his name to Himura Kenshin and changed into a wandering swordsman who protects the people of Japan. He made a vow to never take another life.

Source: Official Website

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