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Rockin’On Japan Unveils Teaser for ‘Rhapsody’ Anime Project

Music holds the power to express many things at once and allows people to perceive it in whatever way they want. One of the magazines I trust to inform me of such masterpieces is the famous ROCKIN’ON JAPAN.

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But the Rockin’On group does more than just sell a music magazine. They also organize the annual Rock In Japan Festival, a massive hype in the country. 

Moreover, the company has started to venture into other media forms to spread Japanese music around the world. And what’s the most common and effective way to make something widespread from Japan? Anime.

Rockin’On Japan started streaming a teaser for its music-themed anime Rhapsody, slated to release on February 16, 2022.

The anime is part of the company’s Rhapsody project that includes music tracks, live concerts, and voice dramas as well.

Rockin’on’s new music animation project “Rhapsody” teaser

The textbook definition of the word ‘Rhapsody’ is a free instrumental composition that is emotional in characters, and the teaser shows us precisely that.

We see a boy with a guitar around him as an improvisation plays in the background.

The music is melodic and catchy but also has a touch of sadness and struggle in it. It starts with soft drumming and soon transitions into a mix of rock and EDM as it picks up the pace.

The anime features four musical bands under the Rhapsody label in the storyline and characters.

These are as follows: four-member rock band Pink Flag, loud rock band Haru no Jūjika (Spring Cross), folk unit Bluebird, and EDM duo System of Romance (SOR).

Rockin’On Japan Unveils Teaser for ‘Rhapsody’ Anime Project
Rhapsody | Source: Crunchyroll

Pink Flag is a rock band that struggles with personal trauma, while Haru no Jūjika is a chaotic one composed of high-schoolers. Bluebird is a unit made by childhood friends, and SOR is a duo of brothers that make EDMs.

As you can see, all these bands are way too different from each other and come from various backgrounds, but all of them strive to get their feelings and emotions across through music.  

Nothing excites me more than a music anime, and Rhapsody looks like one that’s gonna leave an impact on all of us.

I can’t wait to see what this anime has in store for us.

About Rhapsody

Rhapsody is an upcoming musical anime project by the popular Rockin’On Japan group. The project will also include music tracks, live concerts, and voice dramas along with the anime.

The story revolves around four bands: rock bands Pink Flag and Haru no Jūjika (Spring Cross), folk unit Bluebird, and an EDM duo System of Romance (SOR). The anime will show us how these bands convey their feelings through music and face their struggles.

Source: Rhapsody Official Website

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