Rocket League: What is MMR And How To Check Yours?

Rocket League’s competitive mode makes use of MMR ratings to rank a user on the leaderboard. Let’s see what MMR is in Rocket League and how can one view their game rating.

It’s always fun to just end my day with a match of aeronautical car football, but the casual play is not all that Rocket League has to offer. Rocket League has a vast e-sports community, and no, you do not have to be a professional gamer to be able to play competitively.

The competitive mode in Rocket League ranks you based on how you play in a match and gives you an MMR rating, but how does the rating work?

1. What is Rocket League MMR?

Matchmaking Rank or MMR is the rating that determines your skill in competitive Rocket League. The more competitive matches you win, the higher your rating will be, and naturally, losing decreases your rating.

Rocket League: What is MMR & How to Check Yours?
Rocket League

The MMR is also used to match you against similarly skilled players in Rocket League.

The rank that is displayed in your game is just a visual counterpart to MMR. The actual numerical value is hidden, well, because who wants to watch some statistical numbers, right?

Ranked or competitive matches are not unlocked straightway, so if you’re just starting rocket league, you may have to grind first.

2. How To Unlock Ranked Playlists in Rocket League?

To unlock ranked playlists in Rocket League, you need to advance to Rank 10.

Once you get access to ranked playlists, you will be placed in a suitable competitive rank bracket based on your skill, starting from Bronze 1 and going till Grand Champion. Still, you will not be able to view your actual MMR value.

3. How To View MMR in Rocket League?

Rocket League does not make the actual MMR accessible to us, maybe to curb toxic behavior in matches that eventually comes up in competitive play. Still, players can get their MMR in-game or through tracking based apps. Console players are left in the wild, though, since it is not possible to view the real-time MMR in consoles.

Rocket League: What is MMR & How to Check Yours?
Rocket League New Ranks

Viewing MMR is not possible in Rocket League through in-game settings. The player will have to use third-party tools like tracking apps (Consoles & PC) and mods (PC) to see their MMR in Rocket League.

I. Method 1: Use a Rocket League Stat Tracker (Consoles/ PC)

Rocket League Tracker Network is a stat tracking website that helps you track all your competitive statistics and is the easiest to use across all platforms. Just punch in your steam id or your IGN, and voila, you get the MMR. One downside is that you can not get the MMR in-game between a match.

II. Method 2: BakkesMod (Steam)

For those of you looking for a more extensive rating utility on the steam version of Rocket League, then BakkesMod is for you. A plugin called ‘Alpha Console,’ which was widely used before to get in-game MMR ratings in Rocket League has now been discontinued, and the features merged into BakkesMod.

See your Rocket League MMR ingame with BakkesMod (PC - Steam+Epic)

The mod gives you a host of features ranging from real-time ratings to all kinds of RL practice plugins. Do note that currently the mod only works on the Steam version of Rocket League and not on the epic games edition. Sorry, new PC and console players this one is not for you.

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4. About Rocket League

Rocket League is a soccer game where players utilize lightning-fast, “rocket-powered” cars to score goals and win the match for their team. Owing to its fast-paced gameplay and uncomplicated controls, soccer fans or not, its a delight for every gamer out there.

Even though, the game revolves around cars, a great level of soccer detail is added which makes Rocket League captivating to enthusiasts. A wide array of cars and movements are also offered. The cherry on top is that the cars are customizable. Thus, as per one’s inclination, personal touch can be added to the game.

This sports arcade game also provides a cross-platform multiplayer experience so that consoles and PC gamers can unite and play together. This makes Rocket League a highly addicting game further justifying the positive feedback received by it throughout the world.

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