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Rihanna may be the prime choice for Poison Ivy for Warner Bros

Warner Bros. is reportedly approaching Rihanna for the role of Poison Ivy.

The world of female superheroes is rising and the past few have been pretty exciting. Marvel got Captain Marvel, and DC stormed the scene with Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman and Margot Robbie’s psycho Harley Quinn. Birds of Prey too will be hitting the theatres in 2020, which is a female Anti-hero team.

The DCEU is now expanding fast with the Batman movie moving forward and James Gunn’s Suicide Squad in the works too. Poison Ivy is likely to be back on the big screen after a long time and is rumored to appear in the Matt Reeves’ Batman Movie.

Poison Ivy last appeared in 1997 in Batman & Robin, where Uma Thurman sent temperatures soaring with her version of the character. Sources say Warner Brothers is now looking to Rihanna to play Poison Ivy and she is at the top of the list of the names that are being considered. 

The rumor set Twitter on fire with a barrage of opinions with an ample helping of racism might we add. People who say that Rihanna can’t act and they don’t want her as Poison Ivy are the same ones that want Megan (CAN’T ACT) Fox as Poison Ivy,” one user wrote, while another added, “Why would DC make Rihanna Poison Ivy? That makes no sense at all since Poison Ivy is an Irish Red Head. That’s like saying let’s make the little mermaid black! Oh wait, they are trying to do that too.”

Who is Poison ivy?

Pamela Isley is an extraordinary botanical biochemist, mostly associated with Batman and even shown as his lover at times. Poison Ivy’s powers are mostly botanical related and she doesn’t shy away from using them. Her skills and strengths will be discussed later, but we are currently focused on whether or not Rihanna is going to be in the DCEU.

Most likely, Ivy will appear in the Batman movie. Batman and Ivy are part of each others history in the comics and there’s vast potential for that story on the big screen. WB could turn things up and make her an anti-hero along with Birds of Prey.

Time seems to be ripe to introduce more females to the WB and DC universes, and we expect great things to happen as new characters are presented.

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