Rick and Morty S6 Part 2: Release Date, Trailer Breakdown, Plot, and More

After all the Ricks in the universe were left stranded without their portal guns working, fans got worried about Rick and Morty. Thankfully, Season 6 proved that this was simply a small blip in their space adventures!  

After airing six episodes of pure fun and chaos, Rick and Morty S6 went on a hiatus for six weeks. But it is set to return very soon!

Rick and Morty Season 6 will return from hiatus on November 20. As Rick successfully fixes his portal gun in S6 Ep 7, his adventures across the multiverse with his grandson will continue in S6 Episode 7.

Here’s everything you need to know about the remainder of S6. Feast on!

1. When will Rick and Morty S6 return from hiatus?

Rick and Morty S6 Part 2: Release Date, Trailer Breakdown, Plot & More
Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty has been on a hiatus since October 17. But don’t worry, it won’t be on break for too long!

The wait is nearly over, as Rick and Morty S6 will return from hiatus on November 20. The season will resume with Episode 7 titled “Full Meta Jackrick.” Here’s the rest of the episode release schedule: 

NoEpisode TitleRelease Date
7Full Meta JackrickNovember 20
8Analyze PissNovember 27
9A Rick in King Mortur’s MortDecember 4
10Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas MortcationDecember 11

2. Rick and Morty S6 Ep 7 Trailer Breakdown

We have a trailer out to build up anticipation for the second half of Season 6. Have a look:

As usual, there’s quite a lot going on, including monstrous plants, Morty fighting someone who looks like King Arthur, and more—all thanks to Rick fixing his portal gun. The previous trailer also teased Summer’s pregnancy, so that will be a trip in itself.

But what (or rather, who) fans are happiest to see is Dr. Wong, the Smith family’s former therapist. With all that Rick has been through, he could do with a few sessions or more!

3. Rick and Morty S6 Part 2 Plot

Rick and Morty S5 ended with Evil Morty’s destruction of the Central Finite Curve. This limited all the Ricks’ multiverse travel, with their portal gun being rendered useless.

Rick and Morty S6 Part 2: Release Date, Trailer Breakdown, Plot & More
Dr Wong

Thankfully, S6 Episode 6 corrected this when an evolved species of dinosaurs were able to fix the temporal rift caused by Evil Morty. This gave Rick a chance to repair his own portal gun.

Rick being able to use his portal gun again means that we’ll get a new set of standalone adventures, like the ones depicted in the trailer above!

I believe that the second half of the season will also continue the arc of Rick Prime hunting down his C-137 variant.

Season 3 depicted that Rick Prime had killed C-137’s Beth and Diane. At that time, it was treated as false news invented for the Galactic Federation but Season 6 confirmed it to be actually true! Expect to see this storyline further explored in S6.

4. Has Rick and Morty been renewed for S7?

Rick and Morty S6 Part 2: Release Date, Trailer Breakdown, Plot & More
Rick and Morty

Yes, Rick and Morty has been renewed early for Season 7! This was part of their deal with ​​Cartoon Network, who had ordered a total of 70 new episodes for the whole show. As usual, Season 7 too will have ten episodes.

You can now watch the rest of S6 with the assurance that the pandemonium of Rick and Morty will continue into Season 7.

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5. About Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an adult animation series on Adult Swim. It has been created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

The series revolves around a cynical older scientist named Rick Sanchez and his young grandson, Morty Smith. Their simple domestic life and eccentric intergalactic adventures are the focuses of the show.

Alongside the original television series, the show’s characters have been featured in a variety of media, including spin-offs, comic books, musical releases, and video games.

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