Resident Evil’s Next Games Could Feature Chris Redfield

Leon S. Kennedy has always played a huge part in the Resident Evil games, and he’s also the primary reason for bringing Resident Evil back. His newest outing in the remake of Resident Evil 4 has only cemented the fact that he’s one of Resident Evil’s greatest legacy characters. 

Resident Evil's Next Games Could Feature Chris Redfield Back to Back
Leon S. Kennedy

However, the next remake may feature Chris Redfield if what is being planned actually ends up being Resident Evil 5. If that’s the case, then Resident Evil fans are about to feast on a lot of Chris Redfield goodness in the future. 

Many fans have been asking for a Code: Veronica Remake since Capcom started its Remake trend, and that is very well a possibility. But the post-credits sequence of Resident Evil 4 Remake heavily teases a remake of another Resident Evil game. 

The post-credits sequence of Resident Evil 4 Remake heavily teases Resident Evil 5, where Chris is one of the playable characters. If Resident Evil 5 Remake launches near Resident Evil’s ninth game, then those two games could feature Chris as a protagonist back-to-back.

Resident Evil's Next Games Could Feature Chris Redfield Back to Back
Albert Wesker

Resident Evil’s remakes are slowly catching up with the mainline games, with only two chronological installments to remake before it catches up with Resident Evil 7 and the mainline continuity. Resident Evil 9 will most likely follow Chris and his team to the BSAA headquarters in Europe.

Resident Evil's Next Games Could Feature Chris Redfield Back to Back
Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 9 could follow any other protagonist too, but the ending of Resident Evil: Village suggests that we haven’t seen the last of Chris Redfield and all signs point to Chris being playable in a mainline entry again. Capcom could easily release both Resident Evil 5 Remake and Resident Evil 9 in the same timeframe, and by doing so, they could show Chris’ character development between the two games. 

Regardless of who the protagonist of Resident Evil 9 is, the future of Resident Evil is brighter than ever, with Resident Evil 4 Remake breaking records and a new CG-animated Resident Evil movie called Death Island on its way. Even though the future looks like it’ll heavily feature Chris, it wouldn’t hurt to have Leon in some capacity too. 

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About Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4, developed and published by Capcom, is an upcoming remake of the classic 2005 title by the same name. The horror remaster reimagines elements from the old game in a modern and improved way.

Players get to play as US agent Leon S. Kennedy, who is on a mission to rescue Ashley, the President’s daughter, from a Spanish cult-worshipping village.

Resident Evil 4 was launched on March 24, 2023.

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