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Radiant Season 2 Updates

The creator of Radiant didn’t expect his series turn into a worldwide success. Fan’s were really happy and the first season was truly astonishingly good. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting season 2 of Radiant and it seems like that will happen in 2019.

Recently, a Twitter user pkjd8I8 hit fans with the trailer of Radiant Season 2. 

The quality of animation is great as season 1 and it looks smooth as ever. Besides this, our hero- Seth seems more powerful than before. It seems like our heroes will battle some epic monsters with the help of magic and we can barely contain our excitement.

Yesterday, Twitter user pkjd8I8 hit fans with the official poster of Radiant Season 2.

The poster shows the protagonist in the centre and with his magic ability powered up. The poster contains some new faces and it’s because Season 2 is about new arc. Season 2 will expand details about the Nemeses (monsters) and we will just have to wait and watch to know more. Besides this, Radiant season 2 will consist 21 episodes and is going to release on 2nd October 2019. You can watch Radiant season 1 on Crunchyroll and there is no question that Season 2 will stream on Crunchyroll too.


It’s a story of world- world of Radiant where monsters called Nemeses fall from the sky. These Nemeses infect everything they come in contact with. People who survive their contact become cursed, but also obtain the ability to use the magic power known as “Fantasia”, thereby becoming Sorcerers. Seth is the protagonist of Radiant. Heis a teenage boy who has survived a Nemesis attack. He wants to defeat all of the Nemeses and wants to bring peace between Sorcerers and the rest of humanity. To do so, he has to find the place where the Nemeses come from, which is known as the legendary Radiant, and destroy it. He and other sorcerers travel the region in search of Radiant while battling with the Nemeses.

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