How to Watch the Arrowverse? Easy Watch Order Guide

Arrowverse might not be the best or most DClar DC’s superhero franchise, but it’s undoubtedly one of the biggest TV franchises ever created. It was established in 2012 when its main show Arrow was announced as a result of wanting to make another superhero show after the success of Smallville.

It has grown into one of the biggest TV universes of all time. Although not all shows are as good as the Arrow, something about the complete universe makes me want to keep watching, consuming, and immersing myself in it.

If you’re new to this, then boy, get ready because you’re in for a lot of action and drama. If you are already a fan and want to experience everything again, this watch order is for you too! Let’s dive into the Arrowverse watch order guide.

The Arrowverse has 11 shows, including 8 TV and 3 Web Series. While the timeline is pretty straightforward, most shows can be watched in parallel to experience the crossover episodes where all characters come together.

The Arrowverse can be watched in either of the two orders:

  • Release Order
  • Chronological Order

1. Arrowverse Release Order

  • Arrow | 2012 – 2020
  • Flash | 2014 – 2023
  • Constantine | 2014 – 2015
  • Supergirl | 2015 – 2021
  • Vixen Animated Web Series | 2015 – 2016
  • Legends of Tomorrow | 2016 – 2021
  • Freedom Fighters: The Ray | 2017 – 2018
  • Black Lightning | 2018 – 2021
  • Batwoman | 2019 – 2022
  • Superman & Lois | 2021 –
  • Gotham Knights (2023-)

2. Arrowverse Chronological Watch Order

With about 11 shows, following a timeline might need to be clarified. But don’t worry, it’s all too simple, and I it isn’t, I’m here to make it simple for you.

I’ll be listing down the chronology with shows below the other. However, the shows that can be watched in parallel will be mentioned as one point.

Just follow the list below, and don’t forget to read the P.S. section, which will give you more context.

  • Arrow (S1 & S2)
  • Arrow (S3) | The Flash (S1) | Vixen (S1)
  • Arrow (S4) | The Flash (S2) | Supergirl (S1) | Vixen (S2)
  • Legends of Tomorrow (S1)
  • Arrow (S5) | The Flash (S3) | Supergirl (S2) | Legends of Tomorrow (S2)
  • Arrow (S6) | The Flash (S4) | Supergirl (S3) | Legends of Tomorrow (S3) | Black Lightning (S1) | Freedom Fighters: The Ray
  • Arrow (S7) | The Flash (S5) | Supergirl (S4) | Legends of Tomorrow (S4) | Black Lightning (S2) | Batwoman (S1 – first three episodes)
  • Arrow (S8) | The Flash (S6) | Supergirl (S5) | Legends of Tomorrow (S5) | Black Lightning (S3) | Batwoman (S1 – rest of the episodes)
  • The Flash (S7) | Supergirl (S6) | Legends of Tomorrow (S6) | Black Lightning (S4) | Batwoman (S2) | Superman & Lois (S1)
  • The Flash (S8) | Legends of Tomorrow (S7) | Batwoman (S3) | Superman & Lois (S2)
  • The Flash (S9)
  • Superman & Lois Season 3 │ Gotham Nights Season 1

2.1. P.S.

  • Vixen season 1 takes place around Arrow 3×15 and Flash 1×15
  • Vixen season 2 takes place around Arrow 4×18 and after Flash 2×04
  • An alternate way of watching Constantine is before Arrow 4×05

Let’s get into the crossover episodes now.

 How to Watch the Arrowverse? Easy Watch Order Guide

3. Arrowverse Crossover Episodes

These are all the crossover episodes we’ve seen until now in the Arrowverse. You need to watch them in the order I’ve mentioned to get the continuity right.

  • Flash vs. Arrow (Arrow 3 x 08; The Flash 1 x 08, 2014)
  • Heroes Join Forces (Arrow 4 x 08; The Flash 2 x 08, 2015)
  • World’s Finest (Supergirl Season 1, Episode 18, 2016)
  • Invasion! (Arrow 5 x 08; Flash 3 x 08; Legends of Tomorrow 2 x 07, 2016)
  • Duet (Supergirl 2 x 16; The Flash 3x 17)
  • Crisis on Earth-X (Arrow 6 x 08; The Flash 4 x 08; Supergirl 3 x 08; Legends of Tomorrow 3 x 08, 2018)
  • Elseworlds (Arrow 7 x 09; The Flash 5 x 09; Supergirl 4 x 09, 2019)
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths (Arrow 8 x 08; The Flash 6 x 09; Supergirl 5 x 09; The Legends of Tomorrow S5 special episode; Batwoman 1 X 09, 2019-2020)
  • Batwoman 2 x 16; The Flash 7 x 16; Superman & Lois 1 x 12; Supergirl 6 x 12
  • Armageddon (The Flash Season 8, Episodes 1-5, 20, 21; Batwoman 3 x 12)

4. Where to Watch

You can watch all the shows on The CW Network as it airs or on its native streaming platform. You can access all of the CW Network’s Arrowverse there, and it’s a one-stop shop.

Watch Arrowverse on:

5. Binge Duration and Runtime

Almost all the shows have episodes running on an average of 42 minutes. Shows like Arrow and The Flash have 20-23 episodes, while the others range from 13-20.

Now, doing the math for all 11 shows wouldn’t make sense. However, I can give you a rough estimate – it will take you approximately four weeks to binge this entire universe with a healthy break in between.

 How to Watch the Arrowverse? Easy Watch Order Guide

6. Conclusion

Determining the correct watch order is a matter of personal preference. No matter what order you prefer, you are bound to enjoy the Arrowverse. So stop wasting time and start streaming.

7. About Arrowverse

The Arrowverse is an American media franchise and a shared universe that is centered on various interconnected television series based on DC Comics superhero characters, primarily airing on The CW as well as web series on CW Seed.

Set in a shared fictional multiverse much like the DC Universe and DC Multiverse in comic books, it was established by crossing over common plot elements, settings, cast and characters that span seven live-action television series and two animated series.

Seven television series make up the bulk of the Arrowverse franchise: ArrowThe FlashSupergirlLegends of TomorrowBlack LightningBatwoman and Superman & Lois, along with two web series, Vixen and Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

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