Quantum Leap Episode 1: When and where did Ben leap in the end?

NBC’s 1989 sci-fi TV series Quantum Leap may have seen low to average ratings in its runtime, but the show has received cult classic status in the modern age. 

In September 2022, NBC released a reboot set 30 years after the original with a new physicist, Dr. Ben Seong, visiting historical moments and correcting what he deems “mistakes.” 

The show stars Raymond Lee (from Kevin Can F**k Himself) as Ben Seong, and other cast members include Ernie Hudson, Georgina Reilly, Caitlin Bassett, Mason Alexander Park, and Nanrisa Lee.

Quantum Leap Episode 1: When and Where Ben Leaped at the End

The show takes place 30 years after Sam Beckett’s disappearance in the Quantum Leap Accelerator in the Season 5 finale of the 1989 TV series. The 2022 TV series follows a new team that has banded together to find out what exactly happened to the famous physicist and his machine.

The show premiered on NBC on September 19, 2022, with its first episode titled “July 13th, 1985.” The episode features Lee’s Ben Seong heroically thwarting the Hope Diamond robbery. 

The last of what viewers saw of Seong was him leaping into a space shuttle launch. The title for Episode 2 suggests that Ben Seong dived into the launch of Atlantis, one of NASA’s failed orbiter vehicles.

Atlantis marks many disasters in its numerous spatial jumps in NASA’s long history. So, if the where is solved, the answer being Atlantis, what’s the answer to the when? As confusing as that question sounds, there is still more confusion about the solution.

Despite signs of malfunctioning, Atlantis was in circulation for almost three decades. But maybe Seong had landed only a few months after the Hope Diamond heist in October 1985, when Atlantis was first launched.

The scene background and technology surely suggest that Seong is sticking to the 1985 timeline, but a little more probing time for Seong to travel to would definitely be on January 28, 1986. Why?

Quantum Leap Episode 1: When and Where Ben Leaped at the End

On that day, due to the flaws of the Atlantis being ignored, the OMS Challenger was lost, along with seven members of its crew. The Challenger disaster seems a more likely tune for Seong to dance to, considering that his whole mission, like his predecessor, is to undo pivotal moments in American History.

More about the when, where, and why will be gleaned in the upcoming episode of Quantum Leap (2022) as the sci-fi series returns with Episode 2 on NBC on September 26, 2022.

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About Quantum Leap

Based on the 80s science fiction series of the same name, Quantum Leap is a revival series created by Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt.

The series follows the events thirty years after Dr. Sam Beckett disappeared into the Quantum Leap accelerator. The project has been revived and a new team has been tasked with solving the mystery of the machine.

The show premiered on September 19, 2022 on NBC.

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