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PuraOre!’s Adrenaline Filled New PVs Reveal October Release Date

With the amount of sports anime that have been popping up in recent years, it is surprising that ice hockey was never paid attention to until now. Well, PuraOre! Pride of Orange anime is here to fix it and claims to be “The first girls’ ice hockey anime ever.”

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Cute anime girls and sports is an infallible combination, and PuraOre! Is determined to take full advantage of it. 

PuraOre! Pride of Orange is an upcoming mixed-media franchise that will debut with an anime on October 6, 2021. Two new trailers have been released for the anime, and both of them have completely different outlooks. 

【PV】プラオレ!アニメPV 第3弾 ビクトリーダンス「ハレ、のちドリーミンぐっ!○」ver
[PV] Praore! Anime PV 3rd Victory Dance “Hare, Later Dreaming! ○” ver

The first trailer previews the opening theme song of the anime, “Fai-o Fight,” performed by the main seven voice actresses of the series. The video shows all the main protagonists performing like idols and getting cheered on by their fans.

【PV】プラオレ!アニメPV 第3弾「アイスホッケー」ver
[PV] Praore! Anime PV 3rd “Ice Hockey” ver

The second trailer is entirely opposite to the first and replaces the happy-go-lucky vibe with an adrenaline rush accompanying ice hockey. Dream Monkey, the ice hockey team, is shown getting involved in a high-stakes match.

PuraOre!’s Adrenaline Filled New PVs Reveal October Release Date
PuraOre! Pride of Orange | Source: Fandom

The main cast and staff members of the anime have already been revealed, and studio C2C is animating the series. 

CyberAgent and DMM Games are collaborating on this project, and the anime is just the first phase as a mobile game will also be dropped in 2021. 

Although the series had previously revealed several entrancing PVs, the latest ones have proved that the anime will be an all-in-one package of sports, friendship, and emotional scenes. 

About PuraOre! Pride of Orange

PuraOre!~PRIDE OF ORANGE~ is an upcoming sport based anime. In collaboration with DMM Games, CyberAgent will be producing this ice hockey anime.

The anime tells the story of 7 hockey playing girls who will do their very best to make their team Dream Monkeys known to the world while also strengthening their friendship and bond along the way.

The anime is slated to release in October 2021, but before its release, a mobile game will be launched to promote the franchise.

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