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Puraore! Reveals Two Alluring PVs Showing Different Outlooks of The Anime

With the rising popularity of sports anime, more underrated sports have been getting proper representation. And Puraore! Pride of Orange, based on girls’ ice hockey, recently made it to this list.

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With little to no information about ice hockey, sisters Manaka and Ayaka Mizusawa stumble upon Nikko City’s ice hockey team. Although it started as a trial for them, they soon find themselves being passionate about the sport.

The upcoming sports anime, Puraore! Pride of Orange revealed two new PVs that portray its two sides. The anime will be released in October 2021.

The first video teases the opening theme of the show, ‘Fire Fight!.’ What makes this song special is that the seven main cast members have performed it under the name of ‘Team PuraOre.’

【PV】プラオレ!アニメPV 第2弾「ファイオー・ファイト!」バージョン
[PV] Praore! The second anime PV “Fio Fight!” Version

The upbeat song starts with some sick mid-match animation and then moves on to show how the team trained for the sport. 

The video portrays all the girls’ challenges to make their team Dream Monkeys one of the best in the prefecture.

The second video previews the melodic ending theme ‘Orange’ performed by May’n.

【PV】プラオレ!アニメPV 第2弾「オレンジ」バージョン
[PV] Praore! Anime PV 2nd “Orange” version

The anime’s ED and its PV are more emotional than the one above and give a slice-of-life vibe. The whole video is from the Mizusawa sisters’ childhood friend, Mami Ono’s perspective. 

Mami is incredibly close to Manaka, and the teaser accurately depicts the strong bond between the two friends. In addition, it is very heartwarming to see Mami’s character development in a span of fewer than two minutes.

The sports anime will be animated by Studio C2C and is one of its kind as it is the first anime based on girls’ ice hockey. It is thrilling to see different anime come up.

Things like these later serve as a significant inspiration to people interested in the sport. So I’m really excited to see what this one has in store for us!

About PuraOre! Pride of Orange

PuraOre!~PRIDE OF ORANGE~ is an upcoming sport based anime. In collaboration with DMM Games, CyberAgent will be producing this ice hockey anime.

The anime tells the story of 7 hockey playing girls who will do their very best to make their team Dream Monkeys known to the world while also strengthening their friendship and bond along the way.

The anime is slated to release in October 2021, but before its release, a mobile game will be launched to promote the franchise.

Source: Puraore! Official Twitter

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